Bought my rack case, now need help with a stand.

  • Afternoon all

    I have been enjoying the Kemper so much I have not posted in a while. I've been writing so much more since I bought the Kemper it's been a lot of fun. In fact I am now writing what I have always wanted to write. Buying a few commercial amps and then restraining myself was the key.

    Now a while back I was looking for advice on a rack case as it was frustrating the life out of me. I purchased one which was a 55 deep 6u which was just to big with loads of redundant space. I have now ordered a shallow 6u gator from Thomann so I am waiting for it to arrive. I also bought a cheap pedal case for the floorboard and 2 mission pedals which I have yet to use.

    Now I have a question; what do you guys use as a stand. For example something like an amp stand with the DXR on the floor and the 6u on the bars.

    Any recommendations that would be portable and can be purchased in the UK would be great. I would like to take it to gigs with me too so I am not looking for a chair to put it on.

    I feel like this is the last piece of a very expensive jigsaw.

    I want to write a review of my experience with the Kemper after a month or so of ownership which will follow shortly.

    Cheers guys


  • It’s a standard Gator 4U Shallow case. Can’t remember the dimensions but if you google it you’ll find the specs. I was concerned about the same thing but it’s MORE than sturdy enough. Even if you push on the front of the rack, it doesn’t even come close to moving.