Kemper Axe Fx Remote MFC101

  • hi folks, if you use kemper and axe fx in your rig, would you need both the remote and the mfc101 as well. providing you using kemper for the profiles and axe fx strictly for the effects and. would you need both footswitches or can all be controllerd by the remote, ? cheers. Ed

  • Chopshop

    I would imagine you would do it the same as how I control my VL3X with the Kemper.

    Footpedal to Kemper - Kemper Midi out to AxeFX Midi In.

    Set the midi channel (default is generally 1 anyway) then in each profile set the midi out change Program Change to the right patch on the AxeFX.


    On the Kemper I would set it to Performance. I would add an amp that I like to slot 1. Now in that amp I would go to midi, enable midi, then you can set which Program Change number to set. For example Program Change 1 would be patch one on the VL3X, PC would be patch two on the VL3X and so on.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Mike, I have saved this for future reference. cheers.