Switchable expression pedal

  • Having gone from using a Rocktron All-Access midi controller to the Kemper remote in some ways is better and some ways quite limiting. The expression pedals on the Rocktron All-Access can be re assigned per preset. However, the expression pedals on the Kemper remote will only allow to assign each expression to one thing (ok you can pair them up, wah/pitch, volume/morph) but my problem is I only want to use 2 expression pedals on my setup. I would love to be able to assign some rigs with one expression pedal to be a wah and another rig for it to be a morph pedal not wah AND morph all at the same time. Currently I can't do this and had the idea of plugging an expression pedal into a balanced A/B box and have that plugged into two of the expression pedal outs on the remote. This way I could switch the pedal from being a wah to a morph pedal at anytime without need for another pedal. Does anyone know if a balanced A/B switch exists or have any other suggestions?

  • The function of the exp pedals should be assignable per rig, and also switchable within each rig.

    I like the "hands free" implementation on the Headrush pedal. I think Kemper should do something like this.

    Morphing is great, don't get me wrong. But there should be the option to for instance, in the heat of battle assign the exp pedal to control the gain on the green scream and then switch it back to morph or whatever else you have it assigned to.

    For me it's all about being in the moment. Sometimes the rig I'm using isn't set up exactly right for that particular moment.

    I know that didn't really answer your question. Lol sorry.