Double impact profiles

  • Now that they have the black Friday sale, I was considering getting their complete pack...but... recently I came to a conclusion that I've spent A LOT on commercial profiles, only to find myself playing with only a couple. I'm actually interested in their uber and 6505 profiles only and I was wondering if they're worth the €60. Yes, I'd rather pay €20 for one or two profiles I'd proudly and confidently use for recording rather than paying €15 for 100 unusable ones (makes sense right)?

  • I believe you've already answered your self. I got some of their free profiles. Don't know if they're still avaliable on their site. Sure they sound good but not better or worse than profilers that sell a rig pack for about 10-15€.

  • I bought the Bundle Pack 2 some time ago and they were too bassy and too gainy for me. It seems that they have copy pasted the same cabs on most of the amps and it doesn't quite work all the time.

    "The Ultimate Profile Bundle 2' comes with 64 cab/mic options. All cabs are 3.0 and can be used with any direct profile. The idea of the bundle is for people to make their own unique tones by combining the amps and cabs in the bundle :) To get you guys started we made some presets (3 profiles for every direct tone) with the amps and cabs. But with all the cabs and amps in the bundle the options are almost endless 8)

    Your absolutely right, not every cab fits every amp, but in the end everything comes down to taste.