ENGL E-570 SE, Lead II Ch

  • New profile up. Best to go with what you know, and this setup has been my hard rock amp of choice for some time.

    Amp: ENGL 570 SE, Ch 3 (Lead II)
    Cab: Palmer ADIG-ST (Brown mode)
    Overdrive: Mad Professor Sweet Honey

    I've uploaded two different versions of this profile, one with the Sweet Honey on and the other off. Use whatever works best for you. My second favorite overdrive, the RockBox Boiling Point, didn't profile as accurately, possibly due to its Tube Screamer ancestry - and a third was rejected for being too noisy! That said, the KPA's profiles are, if anything, quieter than the original signal chains which is a real plus.

    This profile is a bit of a compromise, since I decided to leave off my usual post-Palmer rack EQ and just tweak the rigs after the fact. I hope you find it to be useful and practical, good luck and please let me know if it can be made even bettah!



  • Now that I've lived with these a bit, I'm quite stunned by how much better some of the factory user cabs are with these profiles - it's like a whole new beast.

    Recommended Cabs (particularly with the DI versions) :

    ENGL 860 (Surprising! Not a coincidence, perhaps)
    1x12 DELUXE REV
    FENDER DR 1x12


  • 1x12 DELUXE REV
    FENDER DR 1x12

    1x12 deluxe cab with an Engl rock monster? Life is funny sometimes...need to try it. Out of the blue I would suggest Till's 1960 06, 13 and 16 with an Engl....or some of Till's Mesa cabs..I may well be wrong but I'm to tired to check if it is the case (2am here). Tomorrow I'll ride this beast.
    Thanks for putting it up! :thumbup:

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • Thanks so much for this profile. The DI sounds incredible with my power amp, 2 cabs and an ISP powered sub. Its like I own an Engl again. ....