Editing Performance / Rig Manager - Version 2.1.25 (13192) + Public Beta

  • Hi guys,

    I've just came across a little headache when editing a performance via Rig manager today.

    Currently: Rig Manager Version 2.1.25 (13192) + Public Beta.

    I've selected a rig on my library and used the copy & paste function into a performance slot > Checked all kpa + rig manager performance + Remote, all OK reflecting the add rig then stored.

    I thought I was good to go but when accessing the added performance via the remote, this particular slot would not be activated at all, instead it would bring me back to the first slot. I've also checked the RM preferences all OK yet no success.

    The only way I could have this change done was via the kpa, no way it could be accomplished via RigManager.

    Did I miss anything?