First Run through of the More Black pack

  • First, let me say that I have been a Blackmore fan for many many years. In fact, he's the reason I started playing the guitar. I have a Fender Blackmore Strat. Yes, I'm a fanboy (see my avatar).

    I was very happy with the Jevo Blackmore rig that I was using, which gave me an incredibly close sound to Ritchie's sound during the Perfect Strangers tour.

    I was both reluctant and excited to jump into the More Blackmore pack. Reluctant because I hadn't read any reviews of it being a great pack. Excited, well, because it's the amp Ritchie used in the late DP and early Rainbow days. With the Black Friday sale, I gave them a go.

    I will post a full detailed review of my findings after I've had a chance to really dig in. I know a person, like me, has high expectations, but, my initial findings are most of the profiles seem "fizzy", and I'm not talking about the profiles without cabinets. I'm using a Fender Blackmore Strat, as well as a custom strat.

    I will be revisiting them many more times over the next week or so. But after the first run-through. I am underwhelmed. Of course, my review and thoughts may change in the coming week or so.

    Anyone else have this pack? What are your findings?

  • I'm using them going into a pair of Freidman ASM12s, (these tend to be dark, but not fizzy). I do not claim to know how accurate these sound, but to my ears, there are quite a few profiles that sound killer in general for that era of music. YMMV

  • After further review.....still subject to change, I found both good and fizzy profiles. Man on the silver mountain is a good one, although the wwha seems a little off. A little tweaking will get it perfect.

    The late deep purple MKIII sounds seem a bit too fizzy, almost like they were EQ Tone matched off an isolated track on the record. Sometimes when you EQ tone match, the bottom end is completely removed, because you're matching the mixed tone, not the guitar tone.

    So far, I'm coming around on this pack. I have a bunch to still go through, and I will post my findings.

  • Anyone else have this pack? What are your findings?

    I've had this pack for a couple of weeks now.

    I'm really pleased with it. In fact 'FS MB 037501 #MakeMeHoly# Rhy1' has become my main goto sound.

    Not sure how my YJM DiMarzio's compare to a normal strats output, but I find that a stomp pure boost of +2.0dB matches my Gibson SGs stock pickups.

    For all profiles generally, I permanently lock a +5.0dB pure boost in stomp A (just because I like it)
    I also permanently lock in FX slot X a graphic EQ with everything on zero except a Low cut 100Hz and High cut 3000Hz (still some profiles will have a touch too much treble, in which case I reduce definition a bit).

    For the Marshall Major, I use it with one of Godi Hilmann's cabs 1960B with G12T-75, there's only a subtle difference with the supplied cab, but I know this cab well and trust it soundwise.

    So yes I love this pack. This era (about 1971 to 1976) is my favourite sound.

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