[toneboxlegends] - Mesa Boogie Triaxis & 2:90 Power Amp

  • Hi guys, this is Tim, I'm part of the toneboxlegends team.

    Sorry for the delay - I know we've been very quiet since January.

    Just wanted to chime in and let you guys know that Rook's been through surgery in late January and has been in recovery since. All is well, no worries, just a small procedure that had to happen.
    Rook's a tough bloke and nothing gets him down so he'll be back and running soon. Meanwhile we have not released anything new while we wait for the Rook to be back and rooking!!! (sorry, a bit of an inside joke, but he'll have a giggle when reading this later on).
    The toneboxlegends thing is a labor of love and good fun (and a few brewskies) between friends and we're pretty much set on only doing it when all five of us are there.
    I think everybody that has received profiles from us will know that there's lots of love and care put into these, even by just reading through the brochure we include with each profile pack.

    So I know Rook's been in contact with a few of you, he just wanted me to chime in (as he's the only one of us with a Kemper account) and let you guys know he's doing great, recovering and should be back in action soon.

    Chris out! :)