[newbie] Can't get output from the main outs

  • I have main outs , mon out, Direct output, and SPDIF all hooked up to my Apollo and they are configured as follow

    Main outs Mon Out Direct Output SPDIF
    Master Stereo Master Mono Guitar Analog Guitar Studio

    I get signal on all but main outs, however it seems that I only "hear" the direct out i.e. as hooked up to my Apollo, regardless of what Rig I'm on.
    I can confirm that if I connect directly to the headphone jacks on the Kemper that I do hear the various rigs as I browse

  • No, and up to now I would not have thought of it i.e. connecting my headphones to line out level jacks, but your feedback led to check my Apollo console and sure enough from an old session not oriented towards a Kemper hookup I had those inputs setup to Mic level, I also found that I needed to jack up the signal on the console to bring it up to an appropriate level. i.e. once I had switched the inputs to LINE level, I'm guessing I can do that at the Kemper.

    So thanks

  • there is no harm in using headphones to confirm if a signal is present at a line output AFAIK.
    You can adjust the level that is present at each output in the output menu of the Profiler. There is also a switch that allows you to attenuate the XLR outputs by 12 dB in case they are too hot for your interface.