Fx loop question

  • Tried my new Harmoniser pedal in the fx loop last night, and experienced a little problem. With the loop assigned to the Mod button everything was fine with the loop switched on, and the pedal activated. However, if I turned the loop off at the Kemper I could still hear the Harmoniser bleeding through. Much less prominent, but enough to upset the guitar tone. Is there some setting that I've overlooked somewhere, or do I have a problem? I fully expect that it should be a simple on-off state with no middle ground whatsoever. Any ideas?

  • System Menue page 4/18 FX Loop Level? Don't know if it affects because I'am not using a loop.


    Thanks Frank. I'll check that out and see if it makes any difference.

    it should not affect if you use loop mono in the mod section or x-slot. I have used my T.C G-Force in the FX-Loop, and had no problem. when its off its off!

    Yep, using loop mono, but off is absolutely not off for me. Definite bleed through of effect.