More Delay modulation parameters.

  • I remember the first time I tried the delay on a kemper in an in-store demo. I was disappointed that there was only 1 knob to control the modulation.

    I just had some mates over to have a look at my new Kemper and when I was showing them the delay, one thing that seemed to be a huge turn off for them was that the delay didn't have modulation parameters. They were saying things like "I'd have to keep my timeline and put it in an effects loop..."

    Please add this to the KPA! Would make it a drastically better product, in my view.

    I know that Delays were only recently updated, so i probably sound greedy... but oh well! :P

  • Are you and your mates just after more knobs for modulation, or are you after a certain functionality?

    The Modulation parameter of the Profiler Delays control a stereo delay modulation. Here, rate and depth are combined to give you an optimal result, which is the best sounding stereo modulation possible.
    It solves the task of creating a very slow modulation, without exceeding a certain delay displacement to maintain delay time accuracy.

    If you want a more audible modulation, then add Flutter Intensity and Flutter Shape, to add a realisic tape wow&flutter to the stereo modulation. The Flutter itself is a mono modulation (in purpose).

    So in the end we have three knobs :)
    There is not many delay collections out there that let you freely combine two different ways of modulation, in virtually every delay type.
    Spread the words!

  • @ckemper I guess I have asked this before, so I'm sorry for repeating myself, but it would be nice if the the modulation had both speed and depth controls.

    It would also be nice if there was a possibility to choose the modulation be single phase or bi-phase, like in Boss DD-500. Bi-phase modulation (meaning L and R in opposite phase), sounds like a chorus when played through a mono cab, like a regular guitar cab.

    Flutter is nice, but it is too wobbly for this purpose. Flutter is of course made like this on purpose.