Profile Distortion

  • As mentioned in another thread the KPA seams to try to normalize the level of the profiles.

    At least in older firmware versions did it not work proper - in some cases it may be related to the 'return level' bug.

    To compensate all this I used to change the Volume setting (Cabinet block) in some of my rigs.

    I found that some of my profiles distort with the recent firmware.

    For users of my profiles I have a workaround - it may be the same for profiles from other users as well - that's why I think it fits into this section.

    Most distorting rigs us the 'Stereo Widener' - check 'Intensity' high levels seam to increase the overall volume!
    There are two ways to fix it:
    a) Reduce the 'Intensity'
    b) Reduce the Volume setting in the CAB block

    For distorting profiles without the 'Stereo Widener'
    Reduce the Volume setting in the CAB block

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