Angel Sobereign Combo E365 112 added

  • Hello!
    Flooded the exchangebase with a bunch of profiles of my loved Angel combo (Plz apologize for not using the real name here), all channels, different stages of gain.
    It has one 12" Celestion Vintage 30.
    Sound is more modern and wicked than vintage and it can bite and cut and can do metalish highs.
    Setting while proling was with treble and presence turned way up, so it's rather sharp than round. Could have turned it lower... but don't we have enough of that usual stuff now? That way 4x12 cabs can be used with the amp-profile without getting boomy or muddy. I recommend tills rectos 4x12s wich I like with the bare amp profiles, adds recto genes.
    You can also let the cab there and add bass and mids to your liking.
    Naming is like this: clean=CLN, crunch=Crn, lead1=LD1, lead2=LD2, boost =+, number at the end=the higher the number, the higher the gain.
    Don't know if the highest gain settings make any sence, just a crazy amount of gain...
    Tell me if I should better erase weird stuff from the list!