Kemper and Ground Control Pro

  • Hi you all.

    If anyone is interested, i've inluded a link to the SYX file for using the Kemper Profiling Amp in performance mode.

    Please feel free to use the formidable editor to adjust the syx-file to your liking.

    Midi Channel is set to 1
    I have setup 7 banks (bank 0 to bank 6) with 4 slots each and mapped the correct program change to match the 5 slots Kemper layout to the 4/10 button setup of the Ground Control Pro (the fifth Kemper slot is deactivated on the Kemper performance)

    Each bank is:
    - 1: Clean
    - 2: Rhythm
    - 3: Lead I
    - 4: Lead II

    Pedal 1 is active and mapped to CC 1 for wah (with the amazing auto-engage from Kemper).
    Pedal 2 is active and mapped to CC 7 for volume

    The instant acces buttons:

    - IA 1: Kemper Tempo - CC30 - Momentary >> to allow the excellent beat scanner and correct tap-tempo for the Kemper)
    - IA 2: Kemper Stomp D - CC20 - Latching
    - IA 3: Kemper Stomp X - CC22 - Latching
    - IA 4: Kemper Morphing - CC11 - Latching
    - IA 5: Kemper Mod - CC24 - Latching
    - IA 6: Kemper Delay (with tails) - CC27 - Latching
    - IA 7: Kemper Stomp B - CC18 - Latching
    - IA 8: Kemper Stomp C - CC19 - Latching

    To enable the import to your GCP, you need to use Midi Mon and use the Send Syx function which will allow you to upload the attached syx file to your Kemper

    Hope this is usefull for someone.
    I do this because ot the excellent customer service provided by Voodoo Labs! ....and because i'm still saving for the Kemper remote ;-)

    Kindest of Regards,
    Tijl - Belgium

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  • Nice job in sharing! :thumbsup: I am sure someone will find this helpful. I have been using my GC for a few years and it works great with the Kemper. The only thing I do not like is the delay/lag in the wah when going into the GC, so I connect my pedal directly to the Kemper.

  • Hmm, i don’t experience any lag... much faster than my axe fx ultra auto-engage...
    I’m using the off @ heel position since my Mission pedal is the spring loaded one. It switches on/off like lightning... the sweep itself is very responsive... One thin i had to change was the thickness of the stereo wire for the trs connection: when using a thick wire, the sweep went from 0 to 108 only... with an irraticate sweep, using a thin electrical wire, the sweep went immediately from 0 to 127 and the sweep was very linear and smooth... I was about to send the Mission pedal back to Thomann but by sheer luck i was forced to use another cable (a mini stereo jack vable using adapters) and voila: problem solved.

  • @tijlcarrein Hey where did you get your GCP Pro labels? I have seen a few but not those.

    Hi there,

    I made them myself. I couldn't find any I liked on the net.. so Photoshop to the rescue :)

    I printed them on glossy paper, used a 'Fixing-spray' (to fix colors on drawings and the like) and used a Pritt stick to 'glue' them to the GCP... works a treat! I only need to use a damped cloth once removed to clean the glue remains if I want to replace/reorder them…

    I initially made them for my Axe-FX Ultra, I will make some for the Kemper Layout to match the following layout:

    • IA 1- 4: Tap-Tempo/Stomp B/C/D (omitting Stomp A in which I always use the Wah and use auto-engage with the pedal @ heel)
    • IA 5-8: X/Mod/Delay and the ‘Magic’ button for morph or engage/disengage multiple stomps/effects (setting the Kemper to Omni you can send multiple cc’s e.g.: channel 1-cc17, channel 2-18,… with the GCP!)

    I’m willing to share but they are crafted with love and I’m afraid someone will take them and try to get some money out of them… need to think on that... hope you understand...

  • So I just bought my kemper and I got the GC audio pro to control it. Can someone point me to a video or explain to me how to set it up with the kemper. I just want to be able to switch profiles and turn on and effects and pedals (Im very new to midi)