NGD - New Gear Day!

  • NB: I know a lot of guys like that really big and tight bottom end more than they like the middy guitars I like for my productions (everything sounds so dark in C#).

    In that regard, please try out Vic Krkn Thiele EV on the Rig Exchange. It should be more to your taste and also features my new (old) TS9.

    I'm just getting used. to the pedal, it's amazing how little gain you have to dial in on the amp when you max out the volume, it really pushes the front end and has a very distinct character. Much nicer than the Seymour Duncan 805 I used to own.

    For this profile, I set the tone to below 9 o'clock, just a tad of gain and maxed out the level control.

  • I just scored a Radial Headlight on Reverb for less than the price of a new one, including expedited shipping and customs. It's an amp selector pedal. You can configure it to push four amps at once (or three or whatever at a time). Can also function as a mute switch.

    Needed one for the mini amp wet/dry/wet rig I'm working on.

    Wish I could have informed ashtweth about this one back when he was looking at a solution to run his two Kempers. It's much cheaper than the Lehle that he snagged. Radial is a pretty well known brand too, so I didn't feel that I could go wrong with it.

    Cool story: My Soldano Avenger has two inputs. One for clean tones and one for high gain. I was always resigned to the idea that I would only be able to use it as a single channel amp on stage. But with this, I could hook up two outputs to each input and then switch between them! Extremely cool!

  • Radial makes great gear! Nice one! :)

  • That's an excellent box, AJ; great score, man.

    I thought of Ash too.; he'd have loved something like that. Knowing him 'though, it's still a possibility...

    Ash doesn't need it. He's got two Kempers and two stereo Gemini cabs. The rig o'doom is complete with the Lehle. Unless he's going for a third and fourth Kemper :D

    In that regard though, it later turned out he didn't need the Lehle, since he could just send a cable from one Kemper to the input of another and have the same effect.

    That is if I remember the issue he was having accurately :?:

    I tested out my box today with a youtube video. Ran three amps using the pedal for a wet-dry-wet demo video.

    It was beautiful in the room, no hum or noise. Delay and reverb were really subtle.

    I'm now trying to figure out the practicalities of getting a stereo power amp to pair with my powered Kemper and then running three cabinets with the Kemper.

    Here's the video:

  • Great gear and info guys, now just remember if running 2 kempers like me using the Lehle, the issue was constant latency , so switch both to constant latency so you don't get phasing issues. :)

    Fat sound AJ, nightlight

    initially i thought 2 DIFFERENT amps is great for experimenting and getting a unique tone...

    let me add too that, using the same amp twice is also interesting, for example

    reampzones JVM, i have a JVM on one side, and another JVM on the other,(different settings)

    One is mid boosted the other is "heavy" 2 kempers with the same amp twice with different settings.

    This was just as interesting and achieved a unique tone the same as using 2 different amp brands.

    AJ run your Mimiq and styrom doubler? into all of them and try that...


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • PRS MT-15 lunchbox would be cool too!

    Yeah, that amp is on my list! I love mini amps, I read somewhere that the amp is actually much louder than 15 watts and is actually 40 watts. If I can confirm that, it’ll seal the deal for me.

    Sadly, I sold the Mimiq, Ash. Couldn’t afford to keep it as well as the Deco. But now I wish i hadn’t.

    Ash, it occurred to me that maybe using the Lehle is a better solution. After all, constant latency implies that there will be an added latency to the signal. With the Lehle, you won’t have that problem.

    Damn, I wish the Profiler had dual amps, lol! I can’t afford two of it or any of my other amps.

  • All I know from the forums are that people are gigging it with loud drummers and no micing with headroom to spare. Go figure!

  • That is if I remember the issue he was having accurately :?:

    You do, AJ.

    In that regard though, it later turned out he didn't need the Lehle, since he could just send a cable from one Kemper to the input of another and have the same effect.

    Correct weight, AJ; I was the dude who suggested it.

  • This week was crazy. I have been waiting for a couple of things I ordered around Black Friday. They all just showed up over the last two days.

    First to come was a Sennheiser E906. I bought it as one of Sennheiser's mics of the month, so it was a great value. Can't wait to profile some stuff with it and test the waters with you guys.

    Then, day before yesterday, the mailman tried to make a delivery when I was at work. Could only find the time to go to a dropbox facility this evening. It was the reamp box I had ordered. A bit ticked off that the Reverb seller marked it in "Excellent" condition, but it had some visible scratches and looked like it had been used for some time. However, it works well and given the price I paid for it, I don't feel like a return.

    Also today was a biggie. I sold my Mesa Boogie Mark V:25 last week for more than a decent chunk of change. Initially I toyed with the idea of spending the money on an Axe FXII or XL+, but then I realised that with Fractal's business model, there were likely to be no more updates to the sound and features, with everything going to the new FXIII.

    The more I think about it, it's not some kind of evil business model: after all, the Line6s and Boss of the world have been doing that for ages, and Fractal has continuously improved their product (thereby necessitating a lot of reprogramming. Can't win them all).

    Still, didn't make sense to buy something that was obsolete, especially with the way Fractal products drop in price the minute the next version comes out.

    Anyway, I'm probably p*ssing you guys off with all this meandering, so here is my big score of December.

    Look at them pretty Christmas lights!

    One of the most polite amps I have ever played. The master volume is so powerful that even at lower volumes the amp doesn't choke, like it does my Diezel. Crank it and adjust the channel volumes to get the power tubes working while not getting a nice complaint. Nice!

    It's pretty awesome. I now have three German amps in my collection. The VH4, the Savage and the Kemper! Of course, with the Kemper, I have quite a few more stashed inside ;)

  • I never understood what all the religious hype fuss was about PRS guitars. Then a couple of years ago I was at a local used guitar shop and made the mistake of playing a 2002 McCarty. Plain jane, doesn't have the cool birds so isn't as pretty as yours. Just couldn't put the thing down. It ended up in my collection and has been the first call guitar since then.

    That's a beautiful guitar, and I see you also have the Les Paul style knobs, i.e. a pair for each pickup where mine just has two. I know you're having fun! :)

  • That's a great collection of amps there! And there's always room for more pretty lights. :)

    First to come was a Sennheiser E906. I bought it as one of Sennheiser's mics of the month, so it was a great value.

    Like everyone else, I have no shortage of 57s, a standard workhorse mic for tracking guitar. I bought an e906 last year.

    At the time, I'd also bought a Vox. One of the characteristics of the Vox amps is that shimmery high end detail. When I started working with the e906, it struck me that compared to a 57 it exhibits that same kind of top end. Comparing it to a 57 is very much the same character as comparing a Vox to a Fender. Really like this mic.

    It's an excellent choice if you can only have one. However, if you also have a 57 I think it gives some really nice options. Want to enhance the sparkle on top? Grab the Sennheiser. Want to tame it a bit? Grab the 57. The more colors in the palette, the easier the expression.