• Yes!! Happy New FRFR Day!!
    Ordered last week a Nova KD12 at Thomann. The KD12 is a 12" coaxial powered speaker that looks very similar to the Dynacord AXM12A, but costs about 30% less.
    It has a DSP as well, like the AXM12A. Even the weight and size are almost the same.....
    At this moment I'm not able to test it at nuclear warfare levels but my first impression was that it sounds nice. Very nice. Didn't realise that the difference between a conventional speaker setup (i.e. 12" woofer + 1" hf driver in a eccentric position) and a coaxial set up would be this huge!! A direct comparison with a DXR10 made very clear that the sound out of this KD12 is very much cab-like, i.y.k.w.i.m. The DXR sounds great too, but it's a very "focused" sound, not as "creamy" as the Nova. I know, very hard to explain :D
    The Nova has two reflex ports, on the upper left and right, if you place the speaker as a wedge (see pic below). It's possible to place the Nova on the left side (there are rubber feet on that side as well) which changes the sound drastic (of course). Hell, you can place it on every side you want, as long as you like the sound of that position. Next week I can test it at earbleeding levels so there's gonna be a follow-up on this thread.

    Some spec's:
    - Equipped with: 12" speaker
    - Class D Bi-Amp
    - Power: 800 W lo / 200 W hi (peak), 300 W lo / 50 W hi (RMS)
    - Frequency range: 55 - 20,000 Hz
    - Frequency response: 64 - 20,000 Hz
    - Dispersion angle: 90° x 90°
    - "EasyControl" DSP interface with delay function
    - Maximum SPL: 127 dB
    - Dual-band limiter
    - 2 High-resolution microphone preamplifiers
    - Inputs: 2x Combo XLR female (Mic/Line), 2x RCA
    - Digital sound editor (no, not an external PC-driven editor, just the DSP......)
    - Robust 15mm plywood housing
    - 35 mm Stand flange
    - Monitor tilt: 32°
    - Dimensions: 400 x 314 x 465 mm
    - Weight: 14 kg
    - Colour: Black :thumbup:

    [Blocked Image:]

  • Follow up.
    Had a full blown rehearsal with the KD12. Sounds good but the amp module (Class D!!) becomes very hot and the overall volume is not
    as loud as a DXR10. The sound is not as hifi as a DXR10, but much more guitarcab like. Not sure yet if it's going to stay.
    Just ordered a JBL PRX710.....

  • And the JBL PRX710 has left the building as well. Sounds like the lead singer of The Scorpions, like you're trying to sing with your nose pinched, like your wah is stuck in the middle.

    Incoming: Yamaha DSR112.

  • Nope. I've given up the whole FRFR-quest. It always is a compromise.

    For me a good set of in-ears and the knowledge that my guitarsound is great through the PA is more than enough for me.

    In some cases I pull out my two Mesa Thiele cabs (both with EVM12L) and a Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 and hook up the GT-1000.

  • Thanks.

    I’m inclined to just go totally in ear too at the moment.

    I haven’t actually used an FRFR cab at all. In the studio I go Adam A7x and for live I make do with on of my Mesa Thiele EVM12L cabs from my power head. I’m currently torn between spending the cash on a decent FRFR and cheap IEM radio system (already have Shure SE435 in ears) or skipping the FRFR and spending the money on a good Sennheiser or Shure radio system.