Seeking These Recorded Tones

  • I haven't had too much time with my new Kemper, but have found several tones I've been wanting for so many years. I love this device!

    These are some tones I'd love to have, but have not found yet:

    The Black Crows (Rich Robinson) - Shake You're Money Maker - Jealous Again - Sister Luck (love that opening "barking" tweed sound) - Thick N' Thin (jangle tweed) - Stare it Cold (Yes! Love that opening tone!)

    Many types of great Tweed-sounding tones on this fantastic album. Made the record IMO...although I have no direct information Tweeds made those tones. They may have used Silver Jubilees live, but who knows what was behind those stacks? Never heard a SJ sound like that!

    Krokus (80's "cutting edge" metal) - Ballroom Blitz - Headhunter (solo) - Eat the Rich (JCM 800's ?)

    Lincon Park (best "Recto" tone of them all IMO) - One Step Closer - Crawling -

    Godsmack (Diamond Heretic)

    Chevelle - Closure (clean and grind...MK V?) Tool (clasic stuff..anything)

    There are many others...too many to mention. I like a diverse range of amp tone. That's a good start.

    Thanks in advance! :)