Lead Tone Problem - HELP - Problem remains

  • Hello, to everyone, I'm using the Kemper through a solid state poweramp through a real cab 4x12. I play with a strat with a SD JB on the bridge.

    I have great cleans, and I've found some very good direct profiles for mid/high gain crunch-rhythm tones.

    During my band's rehearsals (that means we are at relatively high volumes) , during solos, especially when going high after the 10th fret on the high strings, something weird happens, the sound becomes thin and weird, it's almost like having the "direct mix" parameter on at 4 or 5, but it's on 0. It's hard to play, imagine a thin lead sound blended with the direct sound of a bridge hambucker at 50% :P No power, no fat singing tones.

    Very weird because the rhythm sounds are the same profiles and sound very natural when playing rhythm, chords etc. When I was playing with tube amps with the same guitar I had almost the same rhythm tone but the leads where full and normal, without unnatural situations like this.

    I tried reducing treble/presence or reducing pick attack but the problem remains, and the sound becomes quite muddy.

    Does anyone has experienced such problems? I made a search and found a few threads that mentioned problems like this (they were talking about "thin fizzy sound" on high strings, not exactly what i'm saying but...) Any help appreciated, thanks

    EDIT: I dont have such problems when playing with studio monitors at home or recording. Only through real cabs and at high volumes.

  • Do you have parallel path on by any chance?

    Or is there any direct mix in the amp section?

  • Update: Problem remains.

    At last night's rehearsal, plugged the kemper into a different poweramp, different cab. Tried with the same guitar (strat), and even brought another guitar (prs custom 22) which is much more fat-sounding. After 10th-12th fret the sound thins out at high strings, even with the Prs. So, it's clear that it's Kemper that causes the problem.

    It's a bit dissapointing, because I have perfect cleans, mid-gain and crunch sounds. Even the leads are good if you don't use the high strings.

    I have exactly the same problem which is described at this thread:

    Best way to Fatten up my lead tone

    "So I was really happy with my Rhythm, Cleans sounded great, Crunch sound great really great, but my lead tone just sounded a bit thin.
    But on the high strings up the neck, it might be hard to explain.

    Around the 12th fret the notes start to thin out and looses body. Like I have turned up the treble and lost Mid and Bass."

    Unfortunately, it can't be fixed with eq. Tried everything, if I reduce treble-presense or use more bass/mids the sound and the feel just gets worse, and remains thin and weak.

    It happens with every profile I tried for high gain leads, at least 20-30 Direct Amp and Studio profiles, most of them commercial from the well known sellers but also some free ones.

    Also tried with pick attack and definition, but nothing. Maybe it's a general bug of the Kemper when playing loud with real cabs?

    The problem occurs only at high volumes with poweramps and real cabs. The input and outputs are always green, so there is no clipping.

    Other similar threads describe the same problem here

    Sound at gigs lead and rhythm???????

    Help with high gain highs.

    When I play at home with the same rig at moderate home-volume, the lead tone is just fine. Maybe it has to do with the output of the Kemper when it is set high (If i remember correctly i was at -20 db and the poweramp is 150W mono)??

    Please help, it's a pity. I love my kemper and this problem is the only thing I've found that keeps it away from perfection :(