New user- please help!

  • After using my Orange Thunderverb for a few months (which I love), I've invested in a KPA. However, I'm not 100% savvy with all of the features yet- even after doing a bit of nighttime reading. Can anyone please tell me how I go about finding the right sort of rig packs- I'm after high gain metal? I would really appreciate it!

  • It's really something that you're going to learn over time and trial. What works for one person, may sound like garbage to another. But in general, here are some tips:

    • Look through the Rig Exchange and try some things since they're all free (I generally don't find what I'm looking for there, but again, what I like might not be what you like)
    • From what I've read, SinMix is one of the top high gain profile makers. There are others, so again, try them.
    • Always set your tones at gig level. Something may sound great down low and then totally different when you turn it up.

    Finding the right profile is 99% of what matters most. I went through about 100 before I found a rocking rhythm tone that I liked. Don't give up on it. Be patient, and don't be afraid to tweak the definition or EQ settings. They are really powerful. I will NEVER go back to tube amps after having had my Kemper for a while and have found some AMAZING tones/profiles.

  • I'm going to assume that you are using RM (Rig Manager) to explore the world of tone for the KPA. You should be able to look on Rig Exchange and sort by gain or amp type, and even search for a tone by Artist which may be incorporated into the name of the Rig if the person that created the rig did it that way. You can also search the forums for names relating to your tone that you seek and find SoundCloud riffs that other forum members have recorded with certain rigs. Here's an example of what I'm talking about Free Metal profiles by amp type: Just a start :thumbup:

  • As stated, you have to use rig manager - download to your pc and connect using USB rear port of the KPA.

    You can then search rigs and audition them quickly ( just click on them and they will load into your KPA)...

    I would suggest you look for the sort of amps you like. For example I searched ENGL cos I used to use them..maybe look for Orange rigs..

    Also there are some duff ones as well as amazing ones, so find maybe 10 you like, save them in one of the folders in rig manager ( I created a specific folder called "potential rigs"), then you can try them back to surprising that what you thought as initially good can sound not so good compared to others.

    Try to mimic the set up you'll use live. In other words if you are going direct to the PA, try to test rigs using some type of FRFR as cabs mask the true sound of a profile/rig. I found this out when taking what sounded a great profile through my 4 x12 but sounded pants direct into a PA.

    As with anything, get your base sound then build, you can't polish a t*$d.

    Also be patient, it takes some time but you'll get there!

  • Yes agree with all the above: First thing DONT GET FRUSTRATES/DISSAPOINTED....go to Rig Exchange (download & install rig manager first)..and start to try some. Don't spend ages trying to 'polish' something that isn't quite right for you...load them in try them give them 20 seconds, play some power chords, delete it straight away if you don't like it....BUT JUST KEEP GOING.

    Don't spend hours at a time doing it...your ears will give up...just do a bunch at a time then take a rest. Rig Exchange has some really good FREE ones but you have to find them...just find one that sounds pretty good from the get go and tweak to personal taste from there.

    Yes as above, tweak at gig volume, don't set patches up at low volume and then crank it at a will sound terrible. Kemper tones can be frustrating, many sound muddy and not great especially many of the 'high gain' ones but they are out there. If you buy professional profiles, well some of them can be a bit disappointing try a few of their free ones see what they are like generally..remember most of them are done in top end studios with the best gear and I have no doubt they sound fantastic in their mixing room...sometimes that doesn't translate into our world!!

    Don't give up, many do...I did, I was one of those!!...went back in the box, got it back out 6 months later and now I love it. It helped that I found a great profile for 'Rock/Metal'...well for me and my ears/gear anyway....what is it...not telling...its a secret... sorry.

    Nah...not really :D I used a free profile on Rig Exchange, its a EVH 5150iii profile by a guy called Brendan...just search under his name, he's only done two which is a shame I thought they were/are great....again I tweaked to my taste, played with amp settings, presence, clarity, delay etc all that fun stuff...but it is my go to rock/metal profile...perhaps try that one?? Again it may not work for you.

    Ive plugged this patch into the return of my valve amp and into my 2x12 cab...even kept the cab emulation ON...just adjusted presence and it sounds massive...really. Remember there is no right or wrong way...just let your ears tell you everything you need to know...if it sounds is...delete it & try another! Also everyones gear is different, different monitors, different amps, different cabs etc...that's why some profiles work and some don't.

    Everyone has different ears...they're are no 'BAD' profiles on Rig Exchange (they are free lets not forget and I personally thank everyone who has taken the time to upload them for the likes of us to try) just ones that arnt for you...just keep loading, auditioning until you find the one for you and rock out fella! :thumbup:

    You will get there.

  • check this sample profile:

    Free 5150III Stealth with Zilla Cab profiles. 140+ profiles

    it is very good, there are others very, very good for free at rig exchange and also in some threads here

    also if you still not happy with your results, try to explain what cabinet or frfr studio monitors do you use? is your amp a class d? or do you have a kemper powered rack or unpowered ?

    do you feel that the problem is with the sound? if you describe your impressions there are many other users here that can help you too