biggest disappointment from kemper at namm is...

  • No floor unit.
    and really no new products in the last how many years...?

    between the Helix and the AX8, it would be really great if Kemper could develop something to keep up with the current demand for a high quality amp sim in a portable floorboard unit.

  • I don't really want a new unit to be announced after spending the money on the current unit. More software features would be great, no new hardware though.

    Or if they must bring out new hardware, bring out an upgrade/extension for people who have the current unit.

  • I also don't want a floor unit I'd rather improved software, ideally Rig Manager (massive debate on this as well).

    I have the powered rack and I drive a cab or un-powered monitor so see no point having a floor unit which essentially would just be a effects unit, unless you expect a power amp in it as well.

    Its one reason don't have a Helix...

    Anyway, each to their own..

  • The good news out of NAMM however;

    KPA is still amazing!
    KPA is still better than it was when I bought it! I didn't have to pay a bean to benefit.
    KPA is possibly going to get even better for free !!!
    My device is still supported and current!!!!!

    I'm not saying I don't think there are things that could be better and that I would like to have but the long and short is I never buy anything because it 'may' deliver something in the future that it doesn't have yet. That would be plain silly.

    Those people who bought a KPA and then realised that the 'insert requirement here' wasn't included shouldn't have bothered. Just wait until the product you want appears on the market and buy it.



  • I don’t own a Kemper yet, going to buy one soon.
    However I find it strange to read some of the complaints.
    I think it is awesome that the KPA has such a long lifespan and is still an awesome product! This is what makes this company even more special because it don’t want to invest in a product and then after you ne year there is the next gen on the market and the old version will be discontinued and maybe soon not supported.

  • hello to all .i am a new user to kemper but to me it seems like the best solution to my needs .i bought mainly to use it to better my tone for recordings and for the less than one month i have it.with so many profiles and stuff, i feel very good that i finally made the decision to buy it.

  • Who cares about a floor unit , get the remote ! There’s your facking floor unit !

    how are they supposed to cram all of the editing knobs in a floor unit?

    I’m very happy nothing new came out or comes out for many years still.

    It means they are focused on this unit with future updates, making it the best it can be!

    keeps bein a great investment that doesn’t de-value like every Axe fx unit and have to buy the new version over and over to get latest features.

    I applaud CK to say at NAMM , nothing is new , we still have the best product out there after 6 years, I think, I’ve had mine. Best guitar investment I’ve made espescially since I was looking at axe fx at the time !

    If your not happy, get an axe fx that will get replaced with a new unit very soon !

  • Does CK change the plan Since the Fractal has announce the axefx III

    Maybe CK knew the Axe-FX III was coming and was waiting for its announcement before revealing what he has been working on.

    I just want a spring reverb lol. That’s literally all I care about (although an editor would be welcomed!)

  • I’m happy no new unit has been announced, makes my 3 Kempers ;) still very valuable, plus it means that CK and the team have thought the KPA through quite thoroughly and plan on giving us more on the current unit.

    I personally dont see a plugin version coming, it would just get cracked and then “every Tom, Dick and Harry would have one” as we say in the UK

  • Does CK change the plan Since the Fractal has announce the axefx III

    You should understand that FAS and Kemper have a completely different business ethic.

    Do the math:
    2012: Axe-Fx II ---------Kemper Profiler
    Axe-FX II XL ----- Kemper Profiler
    Axe-FX II XL+---- Kemper Profiler
    2018 Axe-FX III---------Kemper Profiler

    4th iteration of Axe-Fx within 6 years.
    Talk about value and longevity (although second hand prices of Axe-Fx's are great).

  • OMG. Here we go again.

    Kemper on NAMM 2018 =
    1. No editor
    2. No reverb update
    3. No OD update
    4. No floorbased KPA
    5. No update at all.

    Move on, play your guitar, drink a beer, hug your wife and children and be happy.