What Would Be your Top Features of a New Kemper II?

  • Let's assume a new Kemper will be built at some time.

    What do we want to see? (upgrades in components, changes in form)

    This is a chance to put all your many ideas into list form.

    Mine would be:

    1) Bluetooth capability
    2) Smartphone App Controller (/Editor)
    3) Better Routing (ie 2x10 grid a la FX)
    4) Double amps
    5) Upgraded Reverbs
    6) Dedicated stereo IN/OUT loop for external effects.
    7) Optical I/O as well as SPDIF
    8).More RAM
    9) Larger Screen
    10) Faster Boot time (Integrated on a chip?) under 5 seconds
    11) Shop with skins (Tolex, etc) and accessories offered (picks, leather straps, coffee mugs, t-shirts, replacement knobs in stainless steel or nickel), CABLES (speaker & guitar)
    12) Ingolf Autographed personal welcome to the Kemper Community card! (This should be No. 1)
    13) Every 1000 Kemper will have a ticket to tour the Kemper headquarters with Christoff! (This should be No. 1, haha)
    14) Input 1/8th jack for playing a backing track to jam to!
    15) Front USB for all
    16) USB connection or IN/OUT Digital (for DAW re-amping, or effect's use)
    17) Add picture to Profile (for advertising commercial profiles or just see owners faces)
    18) 2 IN jacks in case 2 people want to play (like some amps have)
    19) Kemper Cabinet
    20) Dedicated Space knob! haha

    Ok, that's enough. You guys go!

  • Well, since CK is a mechanical-electrical engineer, and Germany has some of the brightest minds in the medical world, it's only fitting that a cybergenetic solution is what we need. Full integration of the CNS (central nervous system), with communication and control of all systems Kemper and remote. :thumbup:

    Reverbs will be nice for now though :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • 5, 1/2, 12, 17

    I'd prefer this on KPA 1 though ^^

    Gear: Strats & KPA. Plug Ins: Cubase, NI, iZotope, Slate, XLN, Spectrasonics.
    Music: Song from my former band: vimeo.com/10419626[/media][/media][/media] Something new on the way...

  • Yes, as a VU Meter! (even if digital but analog would be way too cool with the back-lit)

    You could get the space by combining effects into an display grid like most other modelers.

    Change Chicken Knob to flips. ON-OFF

    Make that interface like a great old piece of rackmount gear!

  • Room profiling - reverb based on the actual room space your capture your amp profile in, subtracting the room frequencies from the amp so the profile is much more pure, and using a better than linear convolution reverb that simulates the harmonic resonance of the room (unlike standard convolution reverb which just creates the effect of extending out each single frequency linearly which is why it sounds fake next to a real recording in the same space). This primarily because I like distant mic’d sounds and the Kemper can’t do them currently.

    Profile morphing. I don’t mean being able to easily set midi ranges for a single pedal, that’s cute but not very practically useful to me in a studio. Instead I mean actual blending between two or more original profiles to create a new profile.

    To go with this - Multi stage profiling so that i can capture the amp with different settings and have the real controls match the profiles controls in behavior of st least the gain knob if not some of the tone stack.

  • Doesn't micing out at some point clash with early refections causing some phasing?

    Actually micing at any distance clashes with reflections causing phasing but at least it's better than ratting. :D

    In all seriousness though that's actually why you'd want to take into account the room's contribution to the sound. It's only about the sound at the mic after all and that's a single point in space. You can measure the time between impulse primary and secondary response to calculate the phase offset (i.e. make a ping sound, record the first transient peak then the second, and that's your phase difference).

  • 1. More realistic Poweramp Sag/Compression/Saturation
    (at the moment the kemper has a problem with amps that have massive poweramp distortion
    that is why you will not find a accurate cranked Matamp... if it is not possible to profile a single knob in the amp section with saturation or something like that would be enough)

    2.Cab only profiling
    (let's say you make a accurate D.I. profile and then you take a cab of a studio profile, the kemper has to guess whate filters and eq belongs to the cab and what to the amp, so this is not optimal at the moment, that is why i use also irs on the kemper. I also profiled
    cabs of the torpedo with a clean signal, they end up in as a clean amp with the cab ... when used with preamp pedal or bass that sounds amazing but if i remove the cab part for usage with another profile the other problem from before accurs.)

    3.convolution reverbs and delays
    (go with your kemper and profile the reverb of a tunnel ... it would be so cool)

    4.Acoustic instrument Profiling
    (i just bought a tone dexter pedal, which is a perfect addition to the kemper ... put in your piezo signal and take a mic and match eq the signals = nicer live sound)

    5.a mic return with phantom power

    6.a poweramp as a single product to upgrade your powerampless kemper

    7.profiling of stompboxes

    8.denser mids

    9. a outer shell that safes the knobs if the kemper falls over

    10. a foot controller with a built in pedal
    (less cables less problems)

    11. the old shapers of firmware 3.3

    12.Floorkemper !!

    13.EQ profiles
    (a mesa rectifier eq behaves different then a ac 30 eq, presets would be sooooo good)

    14.Multiband compressor

    15.kemper vst

    (even if it just a .kipr file loader with basic features without the profiling mode, it would be sooooo nice)

    16. studio eq in the cab section
    (i always waste the stompsection because i ALWAYS have one on my presets )

  • More I/O for studio use, assignable just like current I/O (for always on reamping etc.). Time based/modulation/reverb effects, they aren't needed and can be removed. Sync to external clock. Some sort amp EQ profiling magic.

  • Great tips!
    I like all of them a lot!

    1. It would be great to have a real Talk Box effect, using somehow the microphone input with a mic instead of a tube. And this would be useful to use to create new sounds with

    2. included guitar synth and

    3. arpeggiator and tap tempo depending modulation effects like in the Adrenalinn 3.

    4. better distortions, overdrives, fuzzes like the Okko, Klon, Amptweaker, Pigtronix, Wampler or Elektrons

    5. and better choruses like the Roland/Boss Dimension and CE1 and CE2.

    6. better compressors

  • I'm happy with the tone of my KPA, so the bulk of my wishlist would be stuff that I think should have been included in the current hardware.

    • PC/Mac Editor.
    • 2in/2out USB audio interface - I've heard the argument that the KPA is a pro studio device and doesn't need it, and I still think its BS. It's usefulness when mobile/as a practice tool would be much greater with this feature.
    • Midi-over-USB.
    • Spring Reverb - I'm not too fussed about effects generally as I mostly use external effects. Although I think a good spring reverb is the most basic effect that could/should be included.
    • Drive pedal profiling - I think this would be a great feature for future hardware where processing power allows it.
  • i would like to save loops and be able to load then, also a master volume that did not touch direct output volume what i know is not easy to get...

    no need to touch screens or design changes :thumbup:

    that phantom power to a mic return and front USB to all are also very usefull ideas...

  • 1) a better profils and effects ranking
    2) 4 or 6 effects line (like on the axe-fx III)
    3) ability to load several amp or preamp simulations
    3) convolution reverbs
    3) ability to plug a mic, with preamp integrated to play guitar and mic for singing
    4) voice effects (studio preamp, de-esser, mic simulations, multi-voice effect)
    5) PEQ on main output
    6) vst plugin recall of kemper settings for sequencer
    7) guitar simulations
    8) other effects (synth, arpegiator ...)