Using vsts for effects and Kemper as amp together?

  • I'm using my Kemper through an interface with Reaper. I'm not too crazy about the kemper OD/dist stomps and am thinking if possible I would like to try Helix Native or other stomps into the kemper - but have no idea how to go about doing this.

    It seems like it would be possible - if you know how, please tell me the wiring and also how to plug it into the daw.


  • I'm a new Kemper user, but have been doing this on my real amps for a while. Unless you're reamping, you'll get some latency. How much depends on your DAW. You could always use S/PDIF to cut down on the D/A latency.

    Anyhow, there's a line level input on the back of the Kemper. Take an output from your interface and plug it in there. Assign your track to that output, add whatever plugin you want to use, route your guitar through it. Basically you've turned your computer in to a digital effects box.

    But... I've found the VST digital stomp boxes to be a little washy sounding. My hardware pedals are better. YMMV

    Like I said, I'm new to the Kemper and have yet to really mess with their digital stomp boxes yet, so no comment on the Kemper ones.

  • Vst, or Kempers own od/dist, won't sound as good as a real analog pedal. Why not just buy a pedal? I mean if you can afford a Kemper you can afford a pedal. Even a cheap Behringer pedal is way better than any digital pedal.

  • i don't get it... you have over 10,000 amps available to you on the rig exchange..... and not one of them provides the distortion tone you're looking for?


    I can find good tones, but nothing pushes it exactly how I want. I just want more control over the sound of the distortion and in a way that ends up with a good sound. I also think 95% of profiles sound like crap to me. I have bought over 1500 profiles and of course scoured the rig exchange but there is just a handful of profiles I feel are far more alive than others. As such I kind of have to build onto those precious profiles instead of just find an inferior one that happens to go to 11.

  • I am 100% happy with most of the profiles that I buy, and I've bought quite a lot so far... I consider it a WIN to find 2 or 3 profiles that I will use out of each pack I buy. Even if I just find 1 profile that I will use a lot from a pack I buy I'm satisfied, because packs are not that expensive.

    I've listened to most of the profiles on the rig exchange, and in my opinion they mostly all suck. It's not even worth my time browsing the Rig Exchange for a good tone, when I can just buy a few packs and know I will quickly find a few amazing tones.