Tips for getting a more cab like tone while playing through monitors?

  • Do you guys have any general ideas or tips that you find yourself using when playing through studio monitors on your own to get it to sound fuller and closer to how it would sound through a cab? I have a pair of jbl Lsr305 monitors if it makes a difference and stick to mostly high gain metal stuff. I guess what im asking is is there a general set of tweaks that will in a way, make the sound less mix-friendly and more like what the actual amp sounds like if it's in the room with you? Like if you close your eyes and forget the lack of punch from not having a cab, to where it still sounds full as if there was an amp there in the room as opposed to the dynamics introduced as part of the mic. Aside from pure cab of course.

    Thanks and sorry if this doesn't make sense or is something that can't really be answered in a general sense.

  • I could imagine turning up the monitors and moving a bit away from them might help somewhat. usually a cab is played at higher volume than monitor speakers, just don't break anything :-). I could also imagine turning up the bass or mids and down the treble a bit. And find a good spot in the room :-)

    More tricky-stuff: use an EQ in one of the post-amp slots (X or mod), and turn up some of the bass and low mids - and then adjust the ducking parameter to where it kicks in when you play (negative ducking value?). I haven't tried this myself, so I don't know how well it will work for getting the thump - but it could be worth a shot.