Reddi Bass DI Profile?

  • They are in the Rig Manager, Ready Tube DI and Ready Dist DI.
    They sound great. I missed a good deal on a Reddi and was kicking myself for not grabbing it.
    Now I don't feel so bad.

    Haven't heard of or tried Fat Boy.

    I'm using the Ton Ham Clean from the Kemper Bass Rig Pack a lot which is the Aguilar Tone Hammer.
    Sounds great blended with the DI out from the Kemper through a Great River Pre.

    Just like when recording a real amp, the DI and the amp can be time delayed or out of phase from each other. Check the waveforms and tighten them up. For me the DI is usually 3.1ms ahead of the amp, but that can change depending on the profile.