Bay Area Kemper Users

  • Hi, all.

    I'm currently using a different modeling platform and am strongly considering the switch to Kemper. I recently added the element of a real guitar cabinet to my rig and I love the immediacy of that setup. However, it has exposed shortcomings with my current platform that I can't seem to get past - most notably the feel and response of the amp models.

    I've kept up with the Kemper for years and IMO the amp tones are fantastic. From all accounts, the feel of playing the amp is retained as well but you can't really assess that in clips.

    So, are there any Bay Area Kemper users (preferably in the East Bay) that might let me have a quick trial run on their Kemper? If so, I'd appreciate it (and bring the beer.) :)


  • Hey bro, I am in Sonora Ca (area) which is more of a hike but I left Fractal completely after over 5 years with them for Kemper. Sold my 2nd Ax8 last week...............
    You are welcome to come here and hear the rig with my Atomic CLR neo and Xitione powered frfr's. I also have a Friedman asm but it only stays in the house because it' s so dang heavy

  • The Xitone kills period...........more cab like than the Atomic, lighter and has greater dynamics. The Atomic is very good and completely flat which is good. What I don't like is you need to stand right over it because of the angle. The Xitone can be set back 10' or so and cover a longer distance at a better angle toward your ear versus being pummeled by volume standing right over the CLR. On a small stage with lesser volumes for personal monitoring it would be fine but I use them as cabs in my mancave.

    The poor Atomic customer service has been well documented -mainly on the Fractal site. Tom is a nice guy but it is a small company and he goes MIA for periods of time. Xitone is a small(er) company but Mic returns e-mails and calls right away with excellent customer service. Coupled with a better product it's a no brainer.

    I would even sell my CLR to get another Xitone if the right opportunity arose -local buyer or something like that.

    @daiki I hoped that helps!