Is it legal to resell profiles?

  • These are pirated profiles. No way he has bought profiles for $41,000!

    I have bought more profiles than this guy is offering: No way I have payed $41.000 or something! If you buy using deals, black fridays, bundles and have good contact with sellers you are able to legally build up a huge collection without getting destitute - and you are supporting the vendors (you like) and Kemper community in some way too.

    If someone really sells his Kemper and gets an extra, cause of the profiles he offers as an bonus (one time!!!), I think that is not the problem. But this here is another case: Selling MULTIPLE times just is not o.k. - everyone knows this!

  • Some people will do anything to make a buck. They have no moral compass or ethical value. Scumbags! X(

    I could see a day when the KPA could accept profile authentication key strings based off of an ESN or serial number. I would still want the option to share profiles I make (or someone else makes and wants to share freely) without complications. But the addition of an authentication option would put an end to this type of piracy.

  • It is illegal (and immoral yes) if the vendor and purchaser have acknowledged /signed a user agreement
    For example if there are any REAMP ZONE rigs in there, its illegal as Dan's user agreement states (taken from the license text)

    Copyright 2015-2016 Daniel James.
    - Our kemper profiles are licensed to you (individual) with no sharing permitted. Commercial use is allowed.

    Then again i am told the user has to agree to this before purchase so go figure.
    You know an argument with a woman is like reading a software license...
    in the end you ignore it and just click i agree :thumbsup:


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  • Nothing easy about legal and new digital stuff. What is it? How is it classified? Is it a complete something or just a partial something that needs something else to work? Anyway, When the Kemper came out, was the plan for everyone to start a side business selling things for the Kemper? A lot of them for sale are no better than the free ones. What is the actual value? With all the supposive work, if no better than free, how do you establish value other than a sales pitch?

    To me it’s all subjective. Anyway, you sell something digital these days (art, programs, music, movies, etc, etc) You will always have the sharks out to take a bite unless there r is some type of actual regulation for protection.

  • There is no legal requirement to sharing profiles in USA. You cannot patent a sound (as of yet).

    if a content provider decides to disallow you to sell on the profiles you've licensed from him, this is unrelated to patents because you're just licensing the right to use the content. It is about reselling the licence. In the EU customer rights are stronger than in the US. as a result, there are situations where you can sell on software. if that include profiles (or samples, or sound patches) is questionable, especially if you have used the content on something you've released to public yourself. in the US, a content provides has all the rights to disallow you (by his EULA) to resell the product.

    what you cannot do anywhere is to sell on what you've bought multiples times and I believe this is what the OP referred to as in "shady". so please, let us leave all this "patent of a sound" myth* out of it.

    * read up on sound branding. it's an entire industry which only exists to make you sound logos (which can be trademarked in the US for sure, see:

  • My uber license system!

  • Let's forget the legal/ethical issue here and consider a much greater potential impact: If reselling commercial profiles becomes a big thing, many commercial profilers will eventually decide that they're not going to bother putting in the effort any more since people are essentially "stealing" the fruits of their labors. I would hate to see this happen.

  • As a commercial profile-seller, let me just give you our perspective on this.

    There's always going to be guys that re-sell profiles. And this is fine up to a point.
    We think it's perfectly acceptable to re-sell our profiles if they don't work for you - as long as it is done one time only - or if the purchased profiles are included in a Profiler-sale (e.g. from someone switching platforms).
    No one should purchase something and then be stuck with it, if it doesn't work for him/her.
    I think it's only good ethics to let an individual re-sell something he will never use.

    The only problem I see is if someone starts being an "unofficial" merchant of profiles that he does not own.
    In this case, the buyer will decide if he's into ethics (and support) or not :)

  • It also has something to do expectations. When i buy a profile pack i realistically will only find a couple of profiles that really suits me. And i am fine with that. It is usually worth it for that one golden rig.

    And i’ll never resell the rest because i want to support the work of those who made that one or two special sounds.

    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.