Nothing to see here - failed cable

  • So went to a jam tonight, full PA setup in stereo. KPA sounded great but...

    It got all crackly and lost volume between songs 3 times and I had to reboot each time.

    Edit: It was a dying cable. Sorry about that.

  • The Kemper really did sound fantastic though and this was only a tiny issue. I'm still buzzing after 4 hours of fun. :)

    The Helix was having it's maiden voyage, so no fair comparison, but the Bogner Shiva profile was pretty close. Plus he has a nice new Variax guitar as well, so the complexity is still overwhelming between the two and getting consistent volume across the huge palette is tricky. It sounded really good though and with some time to tweak it and some better IRs he'll have it nailed.

  • Yes - he wanted something to reference against as it was literally his maiden flight, so he asked what amp I was using on my KPA and it was a profile of my Shiva. I think the patch he grabbed had the term Diva in it.

    He was playing a Variax JTV 89F and it sounded quite a bit darker than my Anderson and was missing a little bit of goodness but was closer to the basic tone than I was expecting.

  • Its funny, I rehearsed last night and his Helix sounds so different to my Kemper....not in a bad way, he gets really good sound out of it but not as full. although he went through the PA and I used a 4 x12 kicking around...

    Having said that not sure we compliment each other, really different sounds interested to know how you get on complimenting each other sound wise as it evolves..