Offical manufacturer profiles

  • Hi all
    I contacted Dave Friedman and asked why Friedman supports other kemper like devices ie, synergy modular amps, axe fx and two notes but not kemper.
    Was hoping kemper could get some offical profiles but he stated that there has been no contact from kemper to offer some kind of royalty or licence agreement, and that its like theft which sucks.
    I can see that kemper have clean hands as almost all profiles are made by third parties.
    So im putting this out there hoping someone from kemper will take note and can work on fixing their relationship with the manufacturers.
    Im sure they would get onboard if offered a fair deal.
    We need to support the guys making the amps

  • Seriously, didn't Friedman "steal" all his mod knowledge and "sounds" from Arredondo, Cameron, Aldrich and Marshall anyways?

    I mean AFAIK all he was known for back then was building rack systems etc!!!

    Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black. If that's the case he should be paying royalties too...

    But his amps just sound great. I had a Pink Taco and still have a Small Box... Today I gave it a year from now on. If my KPA stands the test of time my Small Box will be for sale :D