Low Output Pickups

  • I now have a Tele with really low output Fralin Stock pickups and want to get the most out of it.

    • Aside from using Distortion Sense to get the gain more leveled out have you got any suggestions for getting the best sounds from low output guitars?
  • Beside creating an new input preset , I think it's best to narrow a few profiles that will suit your Tele the best , tweak them and create a specific performance.

    It's mainly a gain tweak , definition , clarity , direct signal and basic EQ for me on my thinline with stock vintage output PU.

    I tend to keep using the tele for bright rhythm tones, light crunches and mix cutting leads, so I've got a few profiles that suit very well this purpose.

    I also often use my real fuzz pedal ( Nitrogen 21) in boost mode , this way no tweaks needed on profiles.

  • Use an EQ in the stomp section and boost whichever frequencies you feel your pickups lack. If you just want more oomph in general, simply turn up the volume of the EQ. My pickups tend to be a bit dark, so I use an EQ before the amp to boost the highs. Adding EQ after the amp creates a different effect. Adding it before the amp shapes the frequency spectrum of the input signal, which is generally dictated by the pickups, so in effect you're shaping the output of the pickups.