Just pulled the trigger on Xitone MBritt

  • @BooUrns

    Do you have any tips on the Cab? I just got mine today!

    Do you use an XLR or Instrument cable to connect and from what output on the Kemper do you prefer (Main or Monitor out)?

    Is the volume on the Cab a set and forget thing for you or do you notice it changing the gain/speaker breakup?

    Any advice on the five different settings?

    I assume i should have the line/mic switch set to line correct?

    Lastly, I've noticed this thing has a ton of bass!


  • Congrats! Can't wait to get my grubby hands on mine.
    I'd try both cables, but likely will stick with an instrument cable unless there's an audible difference. I've been using the monitor out to my DXR10 and leaving the mains for PA when I want it.
    I suspect I'll need to modify a bunch of my profiles.

  • Hey, just saw your note. I used an instrument cable, it's all that's necessary. So I totally forgot about the bass. The first time I plugged in I was like, what the hell the bass is so overpowering. That's how it plays in a smaller room sitting close to it with it on the ground. I put mine on a short amp stand and it resolved my bass issues. The bass is great to have in a bigger space that you need to fill. I like the first or second setting on the amp. I found I don't need to adjust any eq settings with it on a stand in a small room.

  • It finally arrived!
    Just got a chance to unbox and plug it in, so will need to wait until later for review, but HOLY CRAP! The bass! 8|
    Tightly packed!
    [Blocked Image: https://s5.postimg.cc/fsn0f7emv/IMG_20180417_1022546.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: https://s5.postimg.cc/5vbzm5eqv/IMG_20180417_1026421.jpg]
    Open or closed! :love:
    [Blocked Image: https://s5.postimg.cc/4t1t3m3nb/IMG_20180417_1026584.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: https://s5.postimg.cc/gux6xqpqf/IMG_20180417_1028326.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: https://s5.postimg.cc/bjiad0gif/IMG_20180417_1028523.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: https://s5.postimg.cc/p0f8vw69j/IMG_20180417_1030329.jpg]

    Very well made. Approx 45lbs.
    Will need to adjust some profiles for this, but initially this feels excellent!
    Can't wait to open it up tomorrow night at practice.
    Will get some time on it tonight before and after supper.

    OK... phew!
    Just spent an hour with it. Had to run to work after delivery...

    As expected I needed to dial down the bass a bit on my (so far) favourite Plexi profiles. Even with the back port closed, my curtains were being pushed back at high volume! :D
    The volume control is soooo much more usable than the DXR10. Nice and linear. DXR10 can't go much higher than 10% or -20db before it is ridiculously loud. This MBritt/Dayton amp volume control is perfect in conjunction with a nice PRS P22 volume control. Absolutely wonderful range. Right now the amp is about 55% and with the guitar at about 30% it sounds great. Then using the vol on the guitar you get "whatever" you want/need. Yeah! Backline volume seems about right here, but tomorrow night at practice will tell if I need adjustments.

    The sound is amazing! There are numerous options here. 5 DSP settings, plus either open or closed back. At the time of this writing I've played exclusively with closed back. I have run through the DSP settings, but for now settled on basic "FRFR" mode. Speaking of DSP settings, what's printed on the Dayton amp is not what has been programmed into the amp. You can look at the picture for what the Dayton ships with, but here is what Mick at Xitone changes them to:

    1 = FRFR
    2 = FRFR with MBritt mods
    3 = FRFR with port cover in
    4 = FRFR with 12″ only
    5 = 12″ raw

    So as you can see, there is more fiddling to do in order to understand what might work better in a different environment. Going to try open back mode after typing all this.

    The room coverage is excellent. Off axis sounds great. You can be beside the cab and still hear it very well. That plus open back should cover it at practice for the stage and audience at the studio. If you want/need more there's output from the Xitone or Kemper to the PA and/or in ears.

    This thing is built like a tank. The covering is like what you might find as a super tough pickup truck bed liner. The rear port cover is difficult to remove in a good way. It uses three of those plastic circular discs that "mate" with each other. Kind of like velcro, but much more industrial. You really need to want to remove it! 8|
    The handles are fantastic as well. NEVER going to break.

    OK... time for dinner. Then a run through with the cab in open back config. I will report back after that.

  • Here's a quick note from Mick Farlow regarding the bass output...

    "Oh.. quick word about the bottom end of the cab...

    When using the cab with the port cover in place in any mode other than 3,there will be a significant boost in the bottom end.... maybe even enough to pull it out of FRFR specs in the bottom end. Pulling the port cover out will lower that bottom end some, including in Mode 3.


    I found this to be accurate later on last night. Played with it open back until bed time. The cab seemed to breathe a bit with quite a bit of air out the port. It seemed to tame a bit of highs AND lows still in basic FRFR mode. I'm sure the neighbors were getting grumpy [Blocked Image: http://www.prsforums.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/dry.gif] so I dialed it down just before 10:00pm [Blocked Image: http://www.prsforums.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif]

    Next up I will cycle through the DSP settings again with the port open. Also will fiddle with it at practice.
    Will test the Bluetooth function as well. [Blocked Image: http://www.prsforums.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif]

    I think this cab might be "it".

  • Do they mention something from the spread of the sound ? the CLR has 90° which blows me away , even standing fairly close , the sound is not disappearing under my waist ...

    BTW are these available in Europe ?


  • Do they mention something from the spread of the sound ? the CLR has 90° which blows me away , even standing fairly close , the sound is not disappearing under my waist ...

    BTW are these available in Europe ?


    Good question. I had a question about speaker break in time as well so I've sent an email to Mick Farlow and will share the response here.

  • Very nice!! Let us know how practice goes, thanks again for the review.

    Thanks Zapman!
    Last night at practice was very good. I say that because I know it can be great on that stage and in that room but I need to fiddle some more.
    I immediately pulled the port cover off during setup and played all night that way. The cab performed as I had set it up at home. I didn't need to adjust volumes at all! Had we not been so busy learning new songs I would have tried the port closed and maybe A/B on the same profile/song.
    Perhaps I'll get a chance on this coming Saturday night jam!
    That being said, the coverage was as good as I'd hoped it would be. Some of the profiles just leapt right out and I had to watch where I was in the mix. It is amazing how well you can hear yourself instead of getting run over by another guitar. [Blocked Image: http://www.prsforums.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif]