[LRS] Redwood City Fire - Update 4 Alnico Gold

  • I really like this one, so far! Nice seeing something more unique profiled, since I have bought profiles of damn near every "standard" amp I can imagine. Right now, there are 36 profiles, with a good range of sounds and gain levels, from 0 to 6.5. Live Ready Profiles has been really good about providing updates on his other packs, so that will most likely go up.

    I'm not really sure how to describe the pack, but it sounds kind of British and kind of like a 5150 (probably because of the EVH speaker, in a lot of the profiles). There are some really good boosted Marshall type tones in here, that sound tight without being harsh. The profiles react well to the volume knob and picking dynamics, which gives you an even greater variety of tones.

    To be objective, my only issue with this pack was the low volume on the clean and really low gain profiles. This amp sounds like it has a really good clean channel, but I really have to jack up the rig volume to balance it with the other profiles. If you get a chance, can you profile a few clean tones and lower gain ones with a higher volume?

    All in all, this is a really good pack. I tested it with a Schecter C1 Classic, with a JB/Jazz and an Epiphone SG with stock pickups. I was able to find many profiles I liked, without having to touch any of the Kemper controls, for both guitars. This pack has a really high percentage of profiles that make me want to just play, rather than click buttons and turn knobs. That's primarily how I judge a good pack, and this one passes the test.

  • I agree with your review. I was just going through the profiles with a couple of different guitars. I've never heard of this amp before, so that certainly does make it unique. As it does do clean (there are a couple of nice ones in the pack), I get the feeling that this amp is more geared towards rock and it does that exceptionally well I might add. With the company called Panama amps you might think its named after VH's Panama. Coincidence? Maybe, but with the right guitar it can surely get you in the VH ballpark.

  • Tim/Guys , Got some great rock sounds out of this amp guys, the LRS Fuego 06 did it for me on the Gibson and it sounded great with some actives.
    It got a tight Rock sound and there is plenty of different flavor in this as Tim always includes in his packs. I was surprised man i thought this was just going to be just another amp.Will post more highlights asap


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  • Hi All, with a thanks to the YouTube Channel Have Guitar we have added an effects pack to the download.

    Be sure to check their YouTube page:


    Notes from the EFX pack:

    FX for Fuego by Have Guitar
    LRS Fuego 12 HG - High gain lead with some phase
    LRS Fuego 13 HG - Clean tone with some reverb
    LRS Fuego 14 HG - Mid-gain rock. Activate slot D for an extra fat tone. Activate slot B for extra fat fuzz (slot C's gate should most likely be activated as well!)
    LRS Fuego 21 HG - Quite high gain but dry!
    LRS Fuego 29 HG - Responsive delay, maybe not so useful but fun to play around with
    LRS Fuego 40 HG - Bluesy low gain, turn on the B slot for some more bite
    LRS Fuego 44 HG - Half ambient, mainly for chord play
    LRS Fuego 45 HG - Clean with some boost
    LRS Fuego 47 HG - Low gain lead with delay
    LRS Fuego 56 HG - High gain with some delay and compressor
    ...as a side-note I might add that the desciptions above doesn't really include all modification via EQ, Amp setting etc. Have fun and play hard!

  • Wow - those are really excellent. Don't the El34s kick some serious derriere on that amp? Come to think of it - they were great on the Budda too.

    :) Thanks Ant for the report! Yes, I tend to prefer bigger bottle tubes. EL84 are nice for single coil stuff but when you want that bloom and weight to the tone the bigger bottles are the way to go.

    The Budda used the power amp of the 5153 EL34. For this one I used an amp I just picked up this weekend. It's kind of a secret for a second. I don't believe there have ever been profiles of it. And it is really really great. Also, it may be rare as it doesn't seem many were made. I know I had never heard of it until spotting it at Guitar Center. Stay tuned :)

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  • Tim, since my last update i got over 24 rigs in my latest update. Man do you realize that TWO of your updates are as much as a full pack from most???? Dam man. Humbled!! This is a good amp too. Thanks a lot man for all that you do.


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.