Weird problem with acoustic guitar

  • Dear fellow KPA users,

    I'm having a really weird issue with my acoustic guitar and the KPA powerhead (Gibson J-45 standard). A few months ago I tried Bert's profiles with my J45 and this issue occured. When I turn my guitar volume to 100% it kills the sound. Only when I play loud the sound comes through but then quickly dies out. When I found out about this issue I didn't necessarily had to work with the KPA j45 combination so i just brought a small amp to gigs. After a while I tried it again, and it worked flawlessly. Even did some rehearsals with it without any issues. Today the problem suddenly came back. I have no clue where it's coming from.

    - checked the cable
    - checked the dxr10
    - checked the guitar on another amp
    - replaced battery
    - turned of all effects/noise gate and everything else that could interveine
    - problems also occurs when using a headphone

    Here's a soundclip:…acoustic%20error.mp3?dl=0

    First 4 times I strike a chord and then turn my volume back to 80%(the sound comes back when i do this).

    Am i missing something really stupid here? :p Has anyone heard of this problem before?



    PS: sorry for bad grammar

  • Hello Eric,
    what pickup do you use in your acoustic guitar?
    For me it sounds like a piezo pickup with some problems... or some problems in the preamp of the pickup?
    Maybe the piezo itself is damaged or some damage in the preamp...
    I have made some knowledge about acoustic guitar pickups: after 20 years or so, the older Fishman pickups (for example) get very harsh and even break... the newer pickups don´t have these issues.... so far.
    Just an idea, but for my ears it sounds like a pickup problem.

    Good luck and best regards,

  • What’s the setting of the noise gate (pot on the far left of the KPA) in the rig you are using with the J45? I know you’ve mentioned the noise gate before but I’m not sure you mean this noise gate.

  • Hello,
    well the LR Baggs VTC Pickup has a very powerful output range,
    I also use it with Kemper in my wedding band!
    But, as you mentioned before, I also put the output to 75%, just to not get in the "red" input... you know, what I mean? (my English is not the best...)
    Maybe you could make some adjustments in the input section of the Kemper amp to reduce the massive amount of output, which the LR Baggs has?

    Just my opinion... maybe the Kemper pro´s have an idea?

    Best regards!!!