"Remote Mini" - third party solution

  • I was looking for a simple solution to control my KPA but not with the Remote, by using the two footswitch inputs on the back of the KPA.
    Bought a second hand Framus FR-S4m footswitch, which is intended to use with i.e. the Framus Dragon amp. It's a qua footswitch with
    attached cable, on the end of the cable there are two stereo jacks. So it fulfilled my wishes at once.
    I thought the four footswitches were latching but no, they are momentary (hence the "m")!! The only thing that came across was
    that the footswitches were connected NC = Normaly Closed. For the tap tempo function this is unusable since the contact is always
    closed, therefor the Beat Scanner will always be on. The only thing I had to do is reconnect the footswitches to NO = Normaly Open.
    Two minutes of soldering later and it was done. Now I have a simple footcontroller.
    From left to right the footswitches have the following functions: Rig down, Rig up, Tap tempo, Morph.
    Works like a charm :)

    AFAIK, the FR-S4m isn't available anymore but Stagg has a similar quad footswitch but I don't know if it has momentary footswitches.

    Some pica's of my rehearsal KPA (with Behringer B212D):