can i receive midi program change throught midi thru ?'

  • Hello

    i am receiving midi program change from my midi switch at kempers's midi in

    it is working perfect

    but know i need to free the midi in and out from kemper to interact with another device at my computer

    in order to avoid having to touch the cables all the time, is there any way to receive only the program change number at midi thru ?

    i know that in performance mode there is at system menu, a page for setting midi channel A and B (i am using midi omni)

    but in browser mode will it work?

    sorry for asking here, it is hard to found everything by my own so i am trying to save some time

    have a great weekend and thanks for helping me

  • Midi thru is an output, not an input.

  • Midi thru is an output, not an input.

    yes, what i thought

    i will try to make a cable hack to act like a jumper and as i will not be using both cables at the same time i think that in time will help

    i am fixing my computer right now and will have to order a midi plug (or a buch of then to have some spares)

    then midi in will receive comands from both devices without having to plug and unplug then

    thanks for your reply

  • You may NEED to use a Midi Merger. I don’t think a Y cable will work.

    You could use a simple midi merger. The one from Midi Solutions is relatively cheap and can be powered from one of the incoming midi cables, so it doesn't require an additional power cable.

    Paults and Robrecht are right, in order to do a midi merge, there needs to be some sort of power supply as well.

    Take a look at this, note the connector for a 9v battery.…84ddd6:g:844AAOSw2gxYueI-

    I ordered a solution from them to enable me to use a single 7 pin between my Kemper and floorboard. It worked well.

    But I also bought one of these midi merge cables and after a couple of days, the clip broke and I was up shite creek.

    The Midi Solutions device is a good option, but only works if you have your output device supplying power.

    If not, look at something like this:…/utilities/m-merge4.shtml

    A bit expensive though. There aren't many solutions out there for this kind of thing though, and the Kenton is good. Want to get one for myself.