Public Beta

  • We have just released a new Public Beta with the following new features and fixes:


    added: S/PDIF Clock can be selected: 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz
    added: With the option Monitor Stereo the Monitor Out and Direct Out become one logical stereo monitor output. Functions like Output Source, Monitor Volume, Monitor Output Link, Monitor Output Equalizer, Monitor Cab. Off, and Aux In >Mon are then applied to both.
    added: the option Aux >Mono merges the Aux In signal from Return and Alternative In.

    User Interface

    added: Transpose in the Rig Settings
    added: Rig Volume now also reflected on page Details in the Rig Settings
    added: UI to MIDI allows to transmit all sound relevant parameters of the Profiler user interface via MIDI to for example establish a MIDI daisy chain of multiple Profilers
    fixed: Strobo Tuner percentage inaccuracy
    fixed: release of Mute Signal if methods to activate Tuner Mode are crossed
    fixed: parameter anomalies when storing Presets in Module D
    changed: parameter Swell now named Input Swell
    changed: parameter Hold renamed into Freeze and Action & Hold functions renamed into Action & Freeze
    changed: Output Source Delay/Reverb wet renamed to DLY/REV wet