5150 profiles (High Gain and HM2)

  • Hi everyone ! I have just launched my 5150 ("High Gain" & Chainsaw") & bass profiles on PJ666 Kemper Profiles.

    They are done using the 5150 4x12 cab and great preamp like Neve 1073 and mics like SM57, MD421, ADK51, AEA R92, AUDIX D6...

    Instead of posting one profile on the rig exchange, I would like to give you a profile which suits your own tastes.

    Write to me at pj666profiles@gmail.com telling me what kind of sound you are looking for (band, album, the mics you prefer...).

    Greetings from Paris, I hope you will like them !

  • To Crimson Ghost :

    yes I think ! The next video will contain some Carcass riffs to show the mics combinations, so you will be able to check this out on sunday !

    Anyway the 5150 boosted by the Ibanez TS808 on a 4x12 cab and with the SM57(or with SM421) via the Neve preamp is close to what Bill Steer used on Heartwork recorded by Colin Richardson. And I love that sound. :thumbup:

    To Awesome Elvis : OK, that's a great guitar sound, I will search for a good profile for it tonight. ;)

  • Thanks ! It's a 51666 L IBZ 808 profile (5150 Lead Channel with an Ibanez TS808 as boost) used. No "pure cabinet", no EQ, nothing.

    It was not ment to be a "HEARTWORK" or a "CARCASS" profile, like the "DAVIDIAN" for MACHINE HEAD, but it's pretty close to what Bill Steer used on this album, especially with the SM57/MD421 combination that Colin Richardson likes a lot.

    The mids are on 5 on this profile, and on most profiles, so everyone can tweak that knob fast to get the colour he wants. :thumbup:

  • Good because I bought it a little bit ago. Can't wait to try these out. Thanks for taking the time to make the clip for me

    The clip was already planned but it's great it meets some (good) tastes. ;)

    The profile is 51666 L IBZ808 with all the mic combinations shown in the video.

    And of course the "DAVIDIAN", the "SNEAP" profiles and many more you'll like, for sure !

  • Yep @Crimson Ghost 51666 L IBZ808 57 came up as best for heart work and Buried dreams for me, using a Loomis 7 with Seymour Butts black outs. (bridge) Some good leads in this pack man despite i think you have refined on a bridge since you dont have neck PU?

    I got a big surprise since i run 2 kempers at the same time with 2 mission stereo cabs (and drink 2 beers a once, since its stereo stereo)
    When i put on the CHROM pitch pedal you have on ONE kemper, (leave it out on second rig/kemper) i nearly shit my self as it gives me a magic harmony on the second kemper!!, like the carcass 2nd guitarist man =O

    WHOA! I thought some one else snuck into the room man.
    Why is this ? Because its making a sound from one kemper as a different pitch right?
    Excuse me for second ....BURP!! :rolleyes: Seriously i never seen any thing like it, i switch on kemper A with CHROM pedal on, just sounds like normal lead i switch the B kemper on (switch off A) sound like normal lead , i switch BOTH ON (with just the CHROM pedal on A) and then there is like a second guitarist for leads man...WTF!! I wish i could record to show you guys, its loose like a 2nd guitar man nothing like a normal harmony pedal!!

    GREAT effect man!! I can play the dam intro [leads] to buried dreams like there is 2nd guitarist.
    Viva la France !! :D:thumbsup:

    Edit - Try 51666 L VFE A A51
    for LEAD


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

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  • Holy shit I bet that sounds amazing. I have only one Kemper but I have a Marshall Jubilee head and a Peavey 120 watt and two V30 loaded Marshall 4x12 cabs. Thinking about having the Peavey power one and the Marshall power the other so I can get some stereo separation going on.

  • Ah, ah, great ! :D The lead profile on the video is 51666 L TS808 R92/MD421.

    I see now the use we can make of the A51 or R92 & R92/MD421 combinations, very useful in fact ! :evil: