JTM Profiles - Heavy Tones Bundle 2 - Josh Middleton

  • Here's an Andy Sneap inspired Testament 'The Gathering' / 'First Strike Still Deadly' rectifier tone. I think they used a mesa boogie triple rec but this is a dual rectifier.
    Oversized mesa 4x12 and a Maxon OD808

    this is my all time favorite recto tone, and these profiles come SCARY close, I mean scary. These are my personally favorite rectifier profiles, great job, never heard anyone come even remotely close to that tone: that style of recto tone needs more Attention, as no one seems to go for that anymore. Perfect job man, amazing tones in this pack

  • Awesome, thanks! Glad you're into the tones.

    Here are a few more of the demos

    Here's the 5150 profile. It's essentially a block letter but not....
    I bought the 5150 off Derek at Watford Valves here in the UK. Here's what his ad said about the amp before I purchased it. Clearing up the block letter vs signature

    "Roger Crimm the product manager and the regional service manager at Peavey clarifies the block logo & signature debate.
    Roger-The block logo was changed because of a trademark dispute with another manufacturer (this was Electro Voice objecting to the EV on the front panel) rather than litigating it, Peavey decided to just change it. In regards to changing the tubes we still had US made Sylvania’s in stock in the first year or so of 5150 production, By that time however, US tube production had ceased the supply dried up and we had no choice but to go to a different tube. We used a couple of different Chinese-made tubes for most of the 90’s but the standard was hit or miss quality wise, and we had our share of tube failures. Unfortunately they were all we could really get in the quantities we needed at the time. The initial tube change occurred at around the same time as the logo changed from block to script.
    So the first issue 5150 had original American made Sylvania 6L6GC, so it is no wonder that people say that these were the best as these output valves were one of the best of all time. In the early 90’s Peavey simply had no choice in terms of 6L6GC as these amps predate the resurgence in valve production. I have had Philips Military 7581A and Sylvania 6L6GC STR 387 in this amp and can say that the Svetlana 6L6GC runs these very close."

    So essentially, depending on your valves (most block letters should have been revalved by now!) my signature could be more 'block letter' sounding than an actual block letter.

    Here's another Andy Sneap inspired Mesa Boogie Dual Rec tone

    Here's two tracks of 5150 and two tracks of Krankenstein

  • Josh, I tried both packages. I have to say that your tones are probably the best of all the Kemper profiles I've tried for metal. And I tried a lot.

    Please continue this excellent job with other amplifiers because we need it.

    I would be curious about these in your interpretation: Peavey 3120, Peavey XXX II, Bogner Uberschall, your modded Marshalls, Fryette Pitbull.

  • new kemper user here ? purchased the andy james kemper stl profiles which I'm loving, but have just purchased the jtm 2 pack on the feedback from you guys and Andy himself. Looking forward to getting them on the kemper later as they sound amazing. Particularly interested in the profiles with the precision drive and how they fare in a live situation?