Full profiles or DI with IR? ...Avoiding the rabbit hole!!!

  • So I'm suffering a bit from option paralysis. Whereby there are so many tones available I'm struggling to be content with one's I choose. Then, once a profile is chosen, is it as good as a DI with an IR?

    Must say, I've not explored the idea of adding IR's to the Kemper yet as I'm only in my second week of owning it. So up to now, I've just tried regular profiles.

    So, which is best, in your opinion and where do you guys draw the line and stop messing around and just play!?!?!

    From my Axe FX days, I used to love using the Celestion IRs and am really tempted to try them again with some DI profiles. But am worried that'll open up many more options and I'll be stuck in an endless loop! Ahhh, 1st world problems, eh!

  • I recommend you go with "regular" profiles (studio and merged) first. Then in a second step try out the cab section of profiles you like with (amp section of) other profiles. Don't think to much about merged or studio rigs - just go for cabs that sound good to you and create new rigs with them.

    You will not miss IR at all so far :thumbup:

    I do use some IR, when I have a certain sound in mind or some IR that are proven to work are already loaded. I also use Two Notes Torpedo Cab with the Kemper sometimes. But there is no need to do - more than often Kemper cabs sound superior at the end. But the Celestion IR you mentioned work sometimes really great too (but not better).