Changing author name

  • Hey y’all,
    I bought a new kemper and had a buddy who owned one help me set it up. But apparently he wanted fast results to hear the tones and didn’t honor my author name and perhaps other registration info. I would like to set it up again from ground level up so that everything communicates well. How do I go about this?

    Thanks in advance,

  • System menu Page 1 --> Soft-button 1 (Edit Owner)

    To set it up from ground level, you could reset the global settings.

    Press the System Button while you turn on the Profiler into tuner mode.
    Press andhHold the button till the message initializing global settings appears in the display, then let go of the button.
    All global settings are now set to the default state, you have to set up the date, time and your name.