Rig manager "virtual" files tree

  • Hi everyone.
    Rig manager allow you to organize your rigs with folders (directories). This is the natural way of doing things on a computer.
    But what i find disturbing is that the folders RM is showing you don't reflect at all the actual folders on the computer hard drive. I don't really see the benefit of this.
    Here are the steps i do when i just downloaded (bought) some new profiles :
    1°) Go to my profiles folders. Find the vendor folder. Create a new folder with amp or pack name.
    2°) Unzip the profiles in this folder
    3°) Open RM. Find the vendor "virtual" folder. Create again a new folder with amp or pack name.
    4°) Go to actual folder on the hard drive, and drag & drop profiles to the virtual folder inside RM

    For me there is really no point in having a virtual folder inside RM. I would like to have an option for RM to just replicate the files tree of some base folder i would point it to, and automatically import new folders. I understand some users probably need to have the profiles in multiple places on the computer, having RM consolidate those in one place inside his database.

    What do you think ?

  • In my view Rig Manager is the single biggest weakness in Kemperland and needs a total overhaul.

    Kemper have already stated that there will be an editor at some point (although no indication of timeline). My wish is that any editor focuses on a redesign of Rig Manager first rather than deep dive real time iPhone parameter control and fancy graphical UI. I believe Rig Manager should be the main control for managing rigs (the clue's in the name :P ) This should include managing everything about the rigs including cabinets, FX, Stomps, Presets, IRs, Performances, Remote Pedal configuration etc etc. Everything about them includes how we store, retrieve, search for, move, create aliases etc.