Assistance please....Loading more amps for Performance Mode?

  • I've been scrolling through Rig manager and copying some favorite amps to "My Library".
    When I go to Performance Mode, I'd like to add these amps into this list since the current selection doesn't have enough choices.
    How do I do I add from My Library into Performance Mode or just update amps in the Performance Mode?
    Cheers and thanks,

  • Your question seems to include multiple misunderstandings.

    In Rig Manager you see either complete Rigs ("All Rigs") or complete Performances ("All Performances"). A Rig includes input settings, up to four effects, an amp and a cab, another up to four effects. You don't see just amps in Rig Manager. An Amp Preset would just be an amp, but that cannot be handled in Rig Manager and doesn't get listed there.

    The Rigs currently in your Profiler's Browse Pool get listed under "My Profiler" (except, if you have changed the device name of your Profiler in the Profiler user interface). You can move Rigs from there to the Local Library and vice versa.

    When you intend to create Performances, you can do this either in the Profiler's user interface. You create Performances by picking Rigs from your Browse Pool in to the Slots of the Performance and store that Performance. The same can be done via Rig Manager. There is no separate Browse Pool in Performance Mode - not with Rigs and not with amps.

    The Main Manual includes a chapter dedicated to Performance Mode. We have a video tutorial about this subject.