FRFR studio monitors VS FRFR cab

  • Hi folks. Whenever I play with my band I hook up KPA unit to Yamaha DXR10, which sounds pretty well. At home, however, I practice with a pair of Yamaha HS5 studio monitors with a subwoofer HS8S (bought used units but for a bargain price!). It's really up to a profile but HS5 + HS8S can sound fantastic. In my opinion DXR10 doesn't sound so transparent as HS5+HS8S. However...

    I've wondered, how FRFR cabinets such as Friedman ASC (or wedge ASM), Matrix FR (so light!), compare with studio monitors. Sadly, there's no FRFR cab available anywhere around my city and I'd like to see what you guys think about it. Is it actually worth getting FRFR cab? In terms of transparency I'll bet such FRFR cab sounds killer compared with DXR10 but is it any better than set of studio monitors?

  • Hey larret.

    I'm no expert on FRFR cabs, but one can tell by looking at them that they're not designed with the same use in mind. For one thing, studio monitors are shaped and constructed (material-wise) in such a way as to minimise internal reflections as well as resonances.

    OTOH, FRFR cabs are intended to function as "universal" guitar-amp cabs, so I'd have to guess that the ability to push air as well as exhibit some sort of subtle colouration due to the "traditional" shapes used (as opposed to studio monitors), are what separates them from their studio brethren.

    Different purposes = different physical designs.