Volume levels A-B-C

  • I think it would be cool to be able to tag each rig with an A/B/C volume rating, then run a global "volume levelling" function.

    I'm finding it really tricky to balance my levels between performance banks.

  • The only difficulty I see is that each Rig would still have to be re-saved by the software according to that arbitrary A, B and C tier system, meaning that it'd be just as easy to do it yourself as you encounter anomalies as opposed to tagging them.

    There'd be no point in adding another layer in the Kemper's OS to adjust the volumes every time the Rigs in question are instigated because the Rig pool in most folks' Kemper's is constantly-evolving.

    Even if there were a fixed pool that someone stuck with, the argument could then be made that he or she adjust the Rig volumes and re-save his or her Rigs in keeping with the Rig Volume knob's design intention.

    Just thinking out 'loud, Grant...

  • The global levelling function would let you assign the relative volume delta in dB. ;)

    It wouldn't be mandatory, but if I could assign the tags in Rig Manager and make all of my performances align that would save me a ton of twiddling.

  • Ahh... now that sounds different from a global 3-level system, Grant, and being able to tag it in RM would be really-handy in the absence of an editor 'cause it'd save you, well, saving on the Kemper, copying back to wherever the Rig/s belonged and deleting the originals.

    Once we get an editor (and I'm convinced we will), apart from the fact that instant level tweaks and saving would surely be possible on the KPA, if we were also able to to the same for Rigs stored in RM (leaving them in-situ whilst tweaking), it would be perfect, no? Obviously they'd still need to reside in the KPA's buffer during the editing, but if the process could be transparent in that as far as we're concerned, a Rig never left RM, that'd be awesome, I reckon.

    This saving-on-the-KPA-and-copying-back-to-RM thing is a right pain IMHO; there ought to be a better way to make tweaks to one's collection, and I'd be stoked if the outlined idea were possible.

    Anyway, for now, your levelling suggestion is all we have...