Searching for specific clean and metal tones

  • Hello!

    I recently purchased my 'forever' amp - of course, I'm talking about the Kemper!
    I've spent the last 2 days playing around with the stock rigs and have been pretty blown away with what you get 'out of the box'.

    Last night I decided to download the Rig Manager to explore some new tones. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming - over 13,000 rigs - where do you start?! :thumbsup:

    I'm reaching out on the forums to see if anyone could offer some recommendations to help me find some specific tones.
    I understand that there are a lot of variables that come into play with achieving a specific tone - I'm simply looking for a good starting point.

    Below are some songs that really capture some of the sounds I am looking for in the spectrum of clean to heavy.
    I've included a YouTube link (hopefully that is cool) should any of you be curious and interested in helping.
    Note - I am not opposed to purchasing commercial rigs.

    Cleaner Sounds
    Opeth - Windowpane - YouTube (this clean tone is gorgeous)
    Plini - Every Piece Matters - YouTube (intro and lead)
    Tesseract - Of Matter - YouTube (spacey intro lead part)

    Heavier Sounds
    Parkway Drive - Dark Days - YouTube
    Northlane - Dispossession - YouTube
    Shokran - Pray the Martyr - YouTube (both clean and heavy stuff)

    Again, not trying to be spoon fed - just looking for some suggestions if you all have any.
    Thanks for your time!

    I did some research, and found that most of the above are running Mesa Dual Rec or Peavy 6505s for the heavy stuff.
    There were also some search results that mentioned Framus Cobra, Diezel Herbert, Marshall Bluesbeaker, Mesa Mark V.
    Would love to hear if any of you have good Mesa / Peavy profiles you'd recommend.

  • Welcome, mate. What he said. :D

    When you post in those subforms, just do as you did here and ask specifically for what you want.

    That said, I predict that somebody will recommend a commercial Profile, pack or vendor and the thread will be moved there anyway. :rolleyes:

  • Congrats on your Kemper purchase and joining the club.

    You could try my Mefa Noogie Unboost profile, or Hybrid A and Hybrid B profiles. With the Mesa, I often use a tube screamer in stomp A to give it a bit more gain, as the name suggests, it's an unboosted profile.

    Also try out Sinmix's profiles on the rig exchange, he put up some good ones for free.

    Happy hunting!

  • Thank you all for the input!

    I dug into the Rig Manager today and found some great tones.
    Thanks for the Sinmix suggestion - I found a nice 6505 tone that worked out well for one of my tracks.

    In other news - I think I'm addicted to the Kemper. :thumbup: