how good is the TJ Sonic

  • I purchased the pack maybe a month ago and love it. I actually own a GK250ML and have not plugged it in since I got that profile pack. I considered selling my amp because the profile actually sound better than mine ever did. The settings they used and the way they dialed in the amp in the profiles were spot on. :)

  • i bought the profile pack last and within seconds of playing i had the biggest smile on my face, best money ive spent on a maiden pack.

    i did turn the cabinet section off because i was playing through the same cab they used to profile and it became more perfect

    The GK250ML sampled for this pack is a stock model from 1985. Its speakers are quite small, 6.5” sized, so we decided to profile it through a classic Marshall 1960A slanted cabinet with Celestion G12-T75 speakers: that way, the tone it produces gets much more interesting to say the least.