EV ZLX 12P, not to good

  • Needed some pa speakers for an event a couple of weeks ago and have few coming up during this year so I picked up a pair of EV ZLX 12P that were on sale. Used them before on an install I did a couple of years ago and they are more than adequate for my needs.
    I was hopeful they could pull double duty for my Kemper but I didn't care for the sound, very fizzy on a lot of the rigs, some sounded ok but not near as good as what I have been using for the past year (straight into the effects return on a Fender Mustang III).
    I tried every combination of settings the EV's have to offer but they just didn't cut it for the Kemper.
    I would like to upgrade from the Fender someday but I'm hesitant about a pa speaker solution, I've not had an opportunity to try any other brand of pa speaker but see many on this forum having success with a few, most notably yamaha.
    Has anyone had a chance to compare the EV side by side with another brand and if so are they vastly different in sound (between a more realistic amp sound and the fizzy tones I experienced)
    I need to find a place that I can try out multiple options, there just aren't any within a 3-4 hour drive from my location that I am aware of, any advice from those on this forum who have had an opportunity to compare similar products would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for the input. I found today the EV's sound better when the source is from my mixer and not direct, whether it's the Kemper, media player etc.... which kinda defeats the grab and go aspect I was hoping for.
    Since I've had decent sound from the Fender I may take some time later this summer and build a 1-12 speaker cabinet for a coaxial speaker, might just be the ticket ^^