• Headphones are kind of a personal choice, at least above a certain quality point.

    I used the AKGs for years, and liked them because you had to work at making them sound good. I've used the Beyers but not for extended time. My impression was that they sounded better than the AKGs, which is good and bad. If you're recording you don't want your monitoring to flatter the sound. But if you're playing live, you want a better sound to inspire your playing.

    So it all depends.

    I think the Beyers are twice the cost of the AKGs, I don't know if that's a consideration.

  • I have the DT990 pro in 250 ohm.
    They are very good but maybe not everyones go to choice.

    I also have a pair of AKG 240s. I don't use them because the DT990 replaced them.
    I tried the AKG one on the kemper and never again. They sound just bad.
    Unusable for me at least. They lag so much high end and high mids. You are missing so
    many details.

    That doesn't mean one can enjoy them if its their personal taste.
    So you just need to test them both and compare them yourself.

    For me the DT990 are way better but the high end on the DT990 is pretty dominant.
    Piercingly painful at louder volumes even. So if high definition resolution on headphones isn't
    quite what you need you should go to other headphones. Other Beyerdynamics don't oversaturate
    the hights that much.

    Just go to a music store and compare them.