KPA with Tech 21 midi Mouse for rig changes

  • Alright everyone. PLEASE HELP. I have a tech 21 midi mouse and I simply want to change rigs up and down! How can I achieve this/what settings do I need to know here. I can't seem to get this right and I need to get this going ASAP!

  • Nobody can rewrite the manual here. Please read the Main Manual chapter "MIDI" and consider, if you want to work in Browser or Performance Mode. Afterwards, if there should be any concrete questions left, feel free to raise those here.

  • Ideally I want to work in performance mode. Do I need to set each performance slot to program change #47 so I can simply scroll through each performance via up/down on the midi mouse?

  • The Profiler offers no specific MIDI commands for Rig/Slot up and down. If it would, it would be a MIDI control change. That works only via analog dual switch like the Kemper dual switch.

    MIDI #47 is a control change (no program change) and needs to be sent with a value. It addresses a Performance, not a Slot. To load Slots a combination of control changes #48-54 are required. #48/49 step/scroll up and down Performances while #50-54 load any the 5 Slots within that Performance.

    I had a look at the Tech21 MIDI Mouse manual. According to what I read the MIDI Mouse manages to send different program changes. If you press its Up button it increments the program change # by +1. If you press its Down button it decrements the program change # by -1. All Slots in Performance Mode have program changes preassigned. You see the program change number of each Slot on the left side in the dark box. So it should work right out of the box. As the MIDI Mouse doesn't seem to be able to send MIDI bank select, you are limited to 128 Slots within the same MIDI bank e. g. Performance 1 Slot1 to Performance 26 Slot 3. Be aware, that the Profiler doesn't load disabled Slots via MIDI. If your MIDI Mouse sends program change #37 to load Performance 8 Slot 2, this isn't loaded, if that Slot has not been enabled.

  • Hmm, It's not working right out of the box when my KPA is in performance mode. You're saying theres no programming necessary to scroll performance changes with the midi mouse? Seems very convoluted and too easy to just plug and play.

  • You might need to check the MIDI channel settings. By default the Profiler receives on all 16 channels (Omni). Perhaps that settings is screwed and the Profiler is set to MIDI Globale Channel y, while the MIDI Mouse is sending on channel x. There is no other Profiler setting to receive MIDI program changes in Performance Mode. Everything is set.

    Check MIDI cable connection, try another MIDI cable, consult the Tech 21 manual and support.

  • It's all in the Main Manual. If you search for MIDI Global Channel you find the explanation. By default it is set to "Omni" and that is fine. If this is the case and the Slot you intend to load is enabled, the Profiler is ready to to go. If it still doesn't work, you need to check your cabling or consult Tech21 manual and support.

    Given the limited capabilities of that MIDI Mouse I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more meaningful to use a analog dual switch like the Profiler 2-way Switch. If you assign Rig Up/Down to its two buttons you can step Rig/Slot-wise in Browser and Performance Mode. And you are not limited to 128 program change numbers. In Performance Mode you can step from Performance 1 Slot 1 to Performance 125 Slot 5. And in Browser Mode you can step through your whole Browse Pool. And you don't need to know anything about MIDI.

  • Just to be clear. This thread is about Rig changes with Tech21 MIDI Mouse. As far as I can see that device cannot send MIDI control changes, but just program changes 1-128 (values 0-127). And those are fixed in a linear fashion. The only item that can be configured MIDI wise is the MIDI channel.

    I'm not sure, we want to spend two MIDI control change numbers for Rig Up and Rig Down. If just a basic Rig Up/Down is required it seems much more efficient to use an analog dual momentary switch instead of MIDI.