'Heard' Dumble pack by Norbury brook

  • Great profiles! The album is good too. The profiles with the Dumbleator are great. Has the vocal quality and strain, chewiness associated with those amps. Still experimenting with the pack but well worth it if you are looking for Dumble tones

  • Great profiles! The album is good too. The profiles with the Dumbleator are great. Has the vocal quality and strain, chewiness associated with those amps. Still experimenting with the pack but well worth it if you are looking for Dumble tones

    thanks, I've tried as hard as I could to get the best out of the profiling process. It's actually a lot of work to do well.

    let me say the 'Dumble' amp can be hard work to get the best out of, it doesn't flatter you in anyway you have to work it, the profiles seem to have that too which is great for you guys :D

    thanks for the kind words on the album. for any Dutch speakers out there apparently this is a great review.



  • thankyou :D

    here's nice 'review' from Aziz.

    For what it's worth, these are like sounside profiles in their format. Raw profiles at different amp settings, which I like a lot. I locked a cab and a stack of post effects before going through them, volume level is fine, and you have good margin to adjust definition parameter. They sound as good as Mbritt or Tonejunkie stuff and clean up well with guitar's volume knob. Excellent for this price

    Thinking about it, I honestly cannot say how I could have done any better with this pack. Seriously there's no weak link in either my Microphones, equipment, technique and last and mot importantly the amp. HAving made the decision to only use this amp on my Album I really had to find the best way to get everything out of it. That experience gave me all I needed to pass this on by way of profiling.


  • tell us a bit more bout the joey landreth profiles please
    how and when they are done etc

    its a 100w bluesmaster amp that was mine but Eric Clapton's/van morrisons ex guitarist tried it and wouldn't give in until I sold it to him. Joey Landreth was staying at his house last year and he fell in love with it too so used it in London. I'd taken just one set of sweet spot profiles. So clean, clean plus boost, Overdrive and overdrive plus boost. into the same EVM 12 cab you see in the video. Mic'd with a SM57 and a Sontronics Orpheus LDC. I thought I'd throw them in as a little incentive to the first 100 people as a gift :D there's also the same sweet spot profiles of another Dumble amp the same guitarist owns.

    there is still time to be in the first 100 :D


  • I have now played these profiles for a number of hours. How many hours? I can't tell as I got lost in time just enjoying them.

    I've been in love with Dumble amps since I first tried Christopher Cross' Dumble back in 1986 and since then I've been privileged to play a few real Dumbles and a large number of closes and amps derived from the ODS concept.

    I have also been profiling a lot of these kinds of amps as well as helping Michael Britt when he profiled a Dumble for his shop.

    My experience is that it's very easy to get a boomy profile even though it sound right at the time of profiling.

    Marcus' profiles are just what I want from a Dumble style amp.
    The cleans are powerful and dynamic and the top end is just sooo sweet. People tend to overlook the clean capabilities of the ODS. That's a huge mistake!
    Usually I have to tame my guitars with the tone knob, but not here. The compressions settings Marcus has in his rigs are just right for the Lollars in my Collings I-35LC. The cleans also have great sustain. It feels almost like playing an overdriven sound but it's still clean. Wonderful! It also lends itself very well to putting a Green Scream in from of it for some sublime dirt. Love it!

    Of course, the ODS is most known for it's overdrive sounds, and rightly so. Marcus has captured the ODS personality in a great way. There are many shades of gain here and, just like the original, if you have a lot of gain and set it up for a bridge humbucker, it's usually too bassy and fat for the neck HB in the same guitar. But I usually put the Graphic EQ in front of the profile and take away quite a bit of the low end before the signal hits "the amp" and then the neck HB is very useful.

    I would especially encourage every buyer of this pack to try to set the volume pedal to "Input" as it then works almost as a remote gain pedal for the overdrive. There is a world of nuance to be found working a volume pedal this way and if you're a dynamic player used to coaxing different tones using pick attack, this can lead to sonic nirvana.

    I was planning to play the profiles with many different guitar before writing anything, but I just keep getting such enjpoyment with the I-35LC that I just have not seen fit to stop playing it yet.

    I you, like me, like the Dumble sound, then this is definitely a pack for you.


    Mats N

    PS to Marcus - if you read this and don't like comments in your thread, please let me know and I'll delete it.

  • Matts,

    thankyou very much for your wonderful 'review' . Of course I don't mind, I couldn't have written it better myself. They are special amps and as you say unless you've played them it can be hard to explain what they do. Let me also add they're not for everyone, they can sometimes be 'difficult' as they are not an amp that flatters you as a player, they make you work, but that's a good thing IMHO.

    I really honestly think this pack is as close as you'll ever be able to get at the moment, to playing through my amp and speakers.
    As you can see I have no web site or any fancy advertising, just great profiles of great amps and I'm going to keep doing this to the best of my ability.

    once again thanks Matts for your honest appraisal. I do not know him or have any affiliation so this is a really 'honest' review.