Dr.Z vs other low gain profiles

  • For me they were a big waste of money. I don't like them , and don't use them, the bottom end is not there, they sound veiled, like a blanket is over them

    I'm sorry to say, but I have to agree with kriswylde. Avoid the official Dr. Z profiles altogether. Great company, great amps, and a GREAT guy, but there's not a single profile in that pack I found worth keeping. Thin and dull, every single one of them. YMMV. I went so far as to contact Dr. Z's customer service to politely request a refund — which I've never done with a profile pack and I knew was a long shot — and the rep was kind of snotty with me. Just a real turn-off from a company I respect so much.

    I'd be eager to hear the Selah Zee profiles with my gear. The demos sound great (but then again, so did Tone Junkie's official Dr. Z demos...)

  • They have plenty of top end, though I thought they could be a bit fuller in the low end personally

    I'm fairly new to this and still learning so I'm probably mentioning the obvious, but I ran into a video today on the cab section low shift to emulate a larger cab feel. I just moved from a 1960a 4x12 to a DXR-10 and was missing the low end resonance thump (I play classic rock stuff). I found that dropping the low shift to around -1.0 gave me a bit of the bottom oomph I felt the 10" Yamaha was missing.

    Is this something that's relevant to the low end characteristics you're talking about?

    yeah, I thought no other profiler could equal or top M. Britt, but I have to admit, right now, I am playing only Tone Junkie Profiles.

    I have all of the M. Britt and just the dual amp stuff and Friedman from Tone Junkie. They strike me as having different strengths.

    Most of the M. Britt profiles, even on the clean side, have a bit of hair on them. And for a lot of stuff, that's perfect. Tone Junkie seems to specialize in more of the cleaner, chimier stuff. I've seen videos with lots of great solo sounds, but I reach for their profiles when I'm looking for something light, clean and pretty. Very much prefer M. Britt's Friedman profile for rock, but that's an area that he specializes in. So, two great profilers, with two very different strengths. I'm glad I have both.

    Also have some high gain Top Jimi stuff and I'm trying very hard to love it, but keep reaching for the M. Britt profiles.